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Evalanche is the "Made in Germany" software for automated marketing and sales processes. Our real-time marketing automation platform optimally addresses the needs of medium-sized and larger companies.
See for yourself how you can create a first-class and at the same time economically profitable basis for email marketing, lead management, and marketing automation thanks to Evalanche's extensive functionality. Enable your marketing team to meet its daily challenges by not only boosting the technical efficiency of the processes, but also by increasing the productivity and flexibility of the team.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Successfully used by a large number of hidden champions
  • Perfectly suited for international use
  • Intuitive use with flexible multi-client architecture
  • Seamless integration thanks to certified interfaces
  • Manufacturer certified by TÜV according to ISO 27001

Over 5.000

companies use Evalanche already

20 years

of market experience

Over 250

partners rely on Evalanche

Meet our satisfied customers:

One of the most modern technologies in Europe for your company

Evalanche is one of Europe's most advanced marketing automation platforms. Our enterprise solution is certified according to the strict guidelines of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA). It also meets all the requirements for legally compliant permission marketing of the German Dialogue Marketing Association (DDV). This means you benefit from a secure and powerful infrastructure for your digital customer communication.

Our experienced experts support you in word and deed with the carefree integration of Evalanche into your existing IT infrastructure. Take advantage of our professional service to ensure that your enterprise solution meets the highest standards right from the start and you can get started straight away.

Evalanche Enterprise Solution

All-in-one: email marketing, lead management, and marketing automation

Flexible cross-media CMS

Evalanche is a web-based marketing automation platform that allows you to plan and implement your email marketing in an uncomplicated yet effective way. Create and send not only individual newsletters and emailings but make complete campaigns a reality: Your web editors carry out cross-media measures more easily than ever before – without any programming knowledge. Thanks to Evalanche's easy-to-use web interface, you simply enter the desired texts and graphics directly into the CMS – and that's it! This is what we mean by an "easy-to-use" entry into modern and effective marketing automation for medium-sized and larger companies.

Flexible cross-media CMS


  • Automate marketing processes across channels
  • Automate campaigns for various purposes
  • Target addressees in the respective channel
  • Ensure optimal customer experience at all touchpoints
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the measures

What our customers say

Dr. Stefan Schulte

Dr. Stefan Schulte, Managing Director and Founder, Sherlock & Watson

Logo Sherlock & Watson

„The advantage of Evalanche is its versatility. This gives us the flexibility to use the software individually where it is needed - whether classic newsletter marketing or multi-stage marketing automation campaigns. As a competent partner, we can help our customers develop a tailored and successful marketing strategy.“

Creating a user interface via drag and drop

Creating a user interface via drag and drop

So that your marketing team does not have to spend a lot of time getting familiar with Evalanche, there is an intuitively designed user interface. Optimal usability is ensured, among other things, by the fact that you can individually configure your start page, your 3D reports, and all other navigation elements via drag and drop. Optimal user experience is provided by the Campaign Designer, with which you can digitalise your communication processes and turn your campaign into a lead generation machine.


  • Plan and visualise campaigns easily
  • Launch measures faster thanks to highly automated workflows
  • Plan campaigns alternatively with Evalanche Campaign Cards
  • Free up time for strategic and value-adding activities

What our customers say

Cornelia Link

Cornelia Link, Digital Marketing Manager, Xella Germany

Logo Xella

„With Evalanche, we were able to generate legally compliant leads via webinars – quickly and effectively at a time when this was needed immediately. We also managed to optimise our entire lead process. In doing so, we effectively interlinked specialised systems in order to benefit from the best of different worlds. Introducing Evalanche as the linchpin of our processes was absolutely the right decision and we are looking forward to the next marketing automation projects.“

Building an efficiency machine with marketing automation

Rely on our many years of experience as we help you turn your marketing automation platform into a powerful lead generation machine. Together we will develop an individual strategy, plan your campaign, model the processes, automate your campaign, monitor its success, optimise the campaign, and integrate your lead machine into your IT infrastructure. In this way, you not only increase your turnover, but also increase your independence from advertising platforms such as Google, LinkedIn & Co.

Building an efficiency machine with marketing automation


  • Automate routine sales tasks
  • Generate leads in a legally compliant manner
  • Turn anonymous website visitors into qualified contacts
  • Enrich existing profiles with acquired data

What our customers say

Andrea Hartmair

Andrea Hartmair, Chief Communications Officer of the BACHMANN Group (Electrical Engineering)

Logo Bachmann

„Thanks to Evalanche and e-raumwerk, we discovered Marketing Automation for ourselves and learned to love the numerous advantages within a short time. Marketing Automation has not only accelerated our processes, but also significantly increased the transparency of our leads and opened up new possibilities for their further processing. This allows us to offer our customers and prospects individual experiences with high added value. At the same time, the efficiency we have gained creates a new freedom for innovation and creativity.“

Live tracking and statistics

Live tracking and statistics

Observe in real time how recipients react to your mailings and newsletters while they are still being sent. Once all emails have been sent, you receive a detailed statistical evaluation of how exactly the addressees have interacted with the content in your email. With the data you receive with each further mailing, you can optimise future measures further and further.


  • Precisely evaluate email and newsletter campaigns
  • Analyse and optimise campaigns in a targeted manner
  • Effectively increase conversion rates

What our customers say

Andreas Berth

Andreas Berth, Managing Director, Zander Digital Services (wholesaler in the electrical and plumbing, heating, and air conditioning sectors)

Zander Logo

„Thanks to Evalanche, the Zander Group has the opportunity to understand the behaviour of its target groups more precisely and to align its marketing automation processes with them in a way that will bring success. By combining technical performance data and business metrics, conclusions can be drawn for future campaigns and mailings, and plans can be developed to optimise conversions and sales.“

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Sector comparison in real time

Of course, you want to know how your campaign compares to others in your industry. That's why you are well advised not only to adjust your measures in a targeted manner based on your own analysis data, but also to keep an eye on your SME competitors and thus identify your own potential for improvement. Evalanche provides you with a meaningful industry comparison with just a click of the mouse – including industry-specific key metrics. This allows you to design your future measures and campaigns in an even more targeted manner.

Sector comparison in real time


  • Compare KPIs of own emailings with the industry average
  • Display the most important KPIs as a bar chart or table
  • Identify and leverage optimisation potential
  • Opportunity to consciously differentiate from the competition

What our customers say

Marcus Köhler

Marcus Köhler, Managing Director, e-raumwerk (expert for the implementation of marketing automation processes)

Logo e-raumwerk

„Excellent handling, unsurpassed flexibility and a precisely working range of functions regarding marketing automation and lead management make Evalanche a central tool for our goals. Thanks to the high level of innovation, the Kverneland Group Germany became an industry pioneer in online customer communication. Since the implementation of Evalanche, the company is now able to engage in relevant and highly personalised communication with its customers. This not only values the customer but gives a clear competitive advantage.“

Extensive quality checks

Extensive quality checks

An email marketing campaign is made up of a large number of individual objects that are dependent on each other. Evalanche has pre-integrated test functions so that you can always take these dependencies into account: These include, for example, spam checks, display checks for common mail clients, attention analyses, W3C compliance checks, flow chart diagrams, inbox monitoring and much more. In this way, you can detect and correct any errors before they are sent. For: quality is the trump card for SMEs and large companies.


  • Improve the accuracy of emails
  • Provide recipients with relevant information
  • Personalise digital communication
  • Deliverability check for guaranteed transmission
  • Shipping performance and delivery quality always in view

What our customers say

Bastian Auerbach

Bastian Auerbach, Business Development Manager, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (High Voltage Technology)

Logo Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen

„Marketing automation enables us to better understand (potential) customers, provides us with more comprehensive advice and helps us to manage sales in a more targeted manner. This was clearly demonstrated by our first automated lead generation campaign. With Evalanche we have a scalable tool to qualify leads step by step until they are sales-ready and their success is measurable. Even though we are still in the early stages of marketing automation, we will be able to develop professional processes and structures from smaller pilot projects in no time.“

Integration of the software into the existing IT infrastructure

One of the most demanding challenges for marketing and sales is to automatically synchronise data from different systems. Customer and other data that you have acquired in the course of a campaign flows automatically via APIs, middleware or connectors to third-party systems that are integrated with Evalanche, such as CRM, ERP and shop systems. Our professional service team will be happy to support you in the implementation of individual solutions.

Integration of the software into the existing IT infrastructure


  • Automatically synchronise customer data in real time
  • Exchange data via highly flexible APIs – also with partners
  • Benefit from the advantages of a best-of-breed platform
  • Less redundancy, more flexibility
  • Highest possible data quality across all systems

What our customers say

Patrick Choinowski

Patrick Choinowski, Head of Global Digital Marketing & Communications, KraussMaffei (Plant and Mechanical Engineering)

Logo KraussMaffei

„When it comes to tool selection, hard facts alone should never be the main decisive factor. Of course, intuitive and comprehensive functionalities are an absolute must. But support and, above all, trust in the provider play a major role. The fact that we were able to link Evalanche to our CRM system SAP C4C within a few months has been a big step forward for us in terms of marketing automation. In addition to a professionalised event and customer communication, we now benefit from an automated lead management, so that we no longer miss out on any prospective customers.“

Multi-client and international solution

Multi-client and international solution

Due to its multi-client capability, Evalanche as an enterprise solution is particularly well suited for use in medium-sized and larger companies that operate with several business units or internationally. Set up as many accounts as you like within a single corporate account, clearly separate them from each other and thus protect your data from unauthorised access. The basis for this is a differentiated rights system and account management with billing via the associated cost centres. You can also benefit from cross-client content sharing with access to centrally stored articles and news as well as a media library for image and video content.


  • Manage customers or business units efficiently – also internationally
  • Significantly reduce administrative efforts
  • Translate content into numerous languages with just one click
  • Use multilingual, multivariant master templates & scale as needed
  • Exchange multimedia content and use it in different places

What our customers say

Roger Wondrusch

Roger Wondrusch, Head of Project Business, Hansgrohe AG (bathroom and sanitation specialist)

Logo Hansgrohe

„The international introduction of email marketing already proved itself immediately after the rollout. Due to Evalanche's top usability with intuitive use, we were able to successfully manage 231 international mailings after a short time. The average open rate was over 50 %, while less than 1 % of recipients made use of the option to unsubscribe.“

New customer acquisition and development

Evaluate the behaviour of your leads with regard to your defined sales target and adjust your actions accordingly – based on scoring values that you anchor as triggers or conditions in your campaigns. Thanks to sales funnel reports, campaign milestones and the World Activity Globe, you benefit from great transparency. Because with the diverse analysis and reporting functions, you always keep an overview of your business opportunities.

New customer acquisition and development


  • Assess lead maturity accurately
  • Create arbitrary granular activity and profile scoring
  • Optimise lead management
  • Increase the closing rate in sales
  • Increase turnover

What our customers say

Claudia Baur

Claudia Baur, Online Marketing Manager, SchwörerHaus (Construction / Real Estate)

Logo Schwörer Haus

„The intelligent interaction between the lead management tool Evalanche and Leadtributor has not only allowed us to bring our processes up to date, but also to position ourselves for the future. The combination of the two systems is the ideal solution for Lead Management 4.0 at SchwörerHaus.“


Simple & seamless integration

100% flexibility guaranteed with our marketing automation software

To be able to react quickly to changing customer needs and market conditions, SMEs need flexible technologies that grow with them. With Evalanche, you can seamlessly integrate a marketing automation tool into your existing IT landscape and adapt it at any time. Always according to your individual requirements.

Find out more about how integration succeeds easily and quickly!

Smart client management

Our marketing automation tool minimises your administrative efforts.

The intelligent multi-client capability in Evalanche is created for B2B companies that operate internationally, across different companies or business units. Administrative efforts are reduced to a minimum - thanks to the high degree of automation with translations at the click of a mouse and much more.

Find out for yourself how easy it is to manage clients!

Maximum protection & safety

Our marketing automation system is DSGVO-compliant and ISO-certified.

Evalanche is not only "Made & hosted in Germany", but - like SC-Networks as the manufacturer - is also TÜV-certified according to ISO 27001. The marketing automation tool fulfils all requirements of the GDPR within the framework of "Privacy by Design" and "Privacy by Default". This ensures reliable protection of your customer data.

Trust in the highest level of data protection and security!

Your tailor-made managed service concept

To ensure that your business – however small or large – reaps the benefits of Evalanche as quickly as possible, our experienced service team is always on hand to help – by email, phone and in person on site. Due to 20 years of marketing and sales experience, as well as countless best practices, we know exactly what needs to be done so that medium-sized and larger companies can successfully launch their first campaign.

Our professional service includes:

  • Smart start with advice, strategy, and how-tos
  • Agile project management
  • Data protection and data security
  • Data preparation, data synchronisation, and import service
  • User boot camp with training and e-learning
  • Full-service support including maintenance and administration

Quick and easy - check it out today!

Whatever your challenges at hand are, learn more about Evalanche and let yourself be blown away by the incredible possibilities of marketing automation for your business!

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