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Your real-time marketing automation tool that your customers will love

Wow your customers with our intuitive marketing automation tool - without effort, easily adaptable to your trusted systems and without having to worry about data protection laws. Simple, efficient, effective - and 100% automated! Your marketing and sales teams will be more productive in no time. With our tool you can automate, standardise and accelerate your processes for a unique customer experience. Further, you can integrate your marketing automation software effortlessly into your IT landscape.

Marketing automation with Evalanche will hugely benefit your strategy. It is THE marketing automation tool, that you always dreamed of: it is extremely flexible, intuitive and powerful for your marketing success. Always present yourself with convincing messages - in the right format - at the right time - at all relevant touchpoints.

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Meet our satisfied customers:

The Closed Loop Marketing Automation Tool for your Lifecycle Management

With Evalanche, marketing teams reduce their efforts and at the same time achieve better results in their lifecycle management. Marketing automation tools allow you to deliver highly relevant content to the right target groups. As a result, recipients receive content that is relevant for them and their needs. This strengthens your customers trust in your company and effectively increases customer lifetime value.

  • Turn anonymous prospects into potential customers and optimise the profile structure with easy-to-use web forms, powerful interfaces to CRM and shop systems as well as meaningful analytics tools.
  • Accompany the decision-making process effectively and efficiently with customized content. Create trust and long-term customer loyalty with an individualised communication and highly relevant topics.
  • Convert your prospects into loyal recurring customers through marketing automation. Wow your clients and turn loyal customers into brand ambassadors.
So machen Sie Ihre Kunden zu Fans mit Marketing Automation

Our Marketing Automation Software - Your advantages

Marketing Automation ist effektiv

Systematised processes for more productivity

Marketing Automation in Echtzeit

Customised content for your target groups in real time

Marketing Automation ist integrativ

Interfaces to numerous third-party systems

Marketing Automation ermöglicht eine konsistente Kommunikation

Consistent communication at all touchpoints

Sichere Marketing Automation

TÜV-certified according to ISO 27001 and DSGVO-compliant

Your marketing automation tool comes with many highlights

Effective campaign planning

thanks to Campaign Designer, ECM & Co.

Cross-channel measures

thanks to cross-media functionalities

Target group insights

thanks to integrated scoring & profiling


thanks to automatic customisation

Intelligent communication

thanks to smart campaign logic

Control & Steering

thanks to a professional marketing cockpit

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Plan and visualise campaigns with ease

Launch campaigns faster with the Campaign Designer

Use the Evalanche Campaign Designer to get your campaigns off the ground in no time. The intuitive user interface of our marketing automation software makes campaign planning and control more fun. Or check out the Evalanche Campaign Cards to plan your campaigns on the table or whiteboard and digitise it via scan. Behind the scenes, our high-performance Evalanche Campaign Modelling (ECM) ensure that the automation of your designed campaign processes goes smoothly. What are you waiting for? Get started with your marketing automation tool today and wow your customers with automated campaigns in high quality!


  • State-of-the-art user interface with intuitive operability
  • Campaign building via drag & drop
  • Powerful context menu
  • Easy to handle Campaign Cards
  • Proven, high-performance modelling logics

What our customers say

Oliver Nemeczek

Oliver Nemeczek, Senior Consultant, itdesign GmbH

itdesign Logo

„In order to be able to exchange information smoothly, we had to seamlessly link Evalanche with CAS genesisWorld and WordPress. The fact that there are so many partner products and connectors that allow you to easily integrate Evalanche into your own IT landscape is a big advantage.“

Automated cross-media communication

Increased team productive and faster processes across all channels

No matter if it’s via your website, email, social media, SMS or print - the Evalanche Marketing Automation Tool automates your marketing processes across all channels and touchpoints. Create automatic campaigns for all marketing scenarios - from trade fair and event communication, online course and webinar participation to complex lead nurturing as well as cross-selling and upselling campaigns. Address your target groups automatically via the appropriate channel and ensure an ideal customer experience at all touchpoints. Take full advantage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your measures by fully automating all processes.


  • Mobile and cross-media communication - from email to SMS to print
  • Share content with only one click via Social Media Push
  • Top of the notch automation of your communication processes
  • Standardisation of measures across touchpoints and channels
  • Customised content for every channel
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity

What our customers say

Andreas Berth

Andreas Berth, Member of the Executive Board of Zander Digital Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Zander Group

Zander Logo

„Thanks to Evalanche, the Zander Group has the opportunity to understand the behaviour of its target groups more precisely and to align its marketing automation processes with them in a way that will bring success. By combining technical performance data and business metrics, conclusions can be drawn for future campaigns and mailings, and plans can be developed to optimise conversions and sales.“

Learn to better understand your target groups

Your marketing automation tool with scoring and profiling functions

With Evalanche planning and implementing systematic and more targeted marketing measures is easy. Use your marketing automation tool to automatically record all important profile and behavioural data of your contacts in order to gradually get to know and understand your recipients better. This allows you to identify sales opportunities early on and personalise your measures accordingly. Professionally score all profiles, activities and content data to assess and convince new potential customers in regard to your sales goals based on implicit and explicit factors.


  • Interest tagging, content and progressive profiling
  • Evaluation of potential customers through profile scoring
  • Activity & content scoring based on click and information behaviour
  • Professionalisation of profile building in the Marketing Automation Tool
  • Validation of sales opportunities

What our customers say

Kathrin Höne

Kathrin Höne, Head of Corporate Communications, v. Rundstedt & Partner GmbH

von rundstedt Logo

„Evalanche is a powerful tool that we can use in many ways for our content marketing: from sending newsletters to fully automated campaigns. Initially, we wanted to make full use of the available options to run campaigns and control them down to the smallest detail. However, while the complexity of the supposedly perfect nurture kept increasing, success failed to materialise. In hindsight, our mistakes of yesterday are the success factors of today. With the Lean Nurture principle, we now have a functioning approach to successively and successfully automate our lead management, even with a small team.“

Customise and personalise content

Targeted content customisation within your marketing automation tool

Thanks to comprehensive profile information in your marketing automation tool, it is easy for you to customise your messages and content. Assign relevance characteristics to different contents and assign them to the appropriate target groups. That way, when sending out mailings, you can ensure that your marketing automation software automatically compiles the content that is relevant for the respective recipient. You can also use location-based information to tailor content to the recipient's current location. This is how you ensure customised and highly personalised communication!


  • 100 % customisable
  • Dynamic article auto-sorting
  • Location dependent communication
  • Individualised lead pages
  • Less loss in communication
  • Relevant content at all touchpoints

What our customers say

Cornelia Plume

Dr Cornelia Plume, Head of Corporate Marketing, Infinigate Deutschland GmbH

infinigate Logo

„With Evalanche we have found a marketing automation solution - through the use of the SKIT connector - that goes hand in hand with our CRM system, which also partially automates our lead management and can be extended to our entire company group. Thanks to the perfect interaction, we have not only standardised and significantly optimised our processes, but we now also have an all-round view of our prospects and customers thanks to activity scoring and improved interest handling. With this, we have succeeded in taking a first big step with regard to marketing automation, so that we are well equipped for the future.“

Smart communication with customers and leads

Control decisions and actions automatically

Manage your campaigns with the Evalanche Marketing Automation Tool. Create multi-level and flexible campaigns that ideally map out a dynamic customer journey. Conveniently set the start and end points of your campaign, define smart conditions or time periods and automatically start the relevant actions. Our marketing automation software provides all the necessary functionalities and allows you to always set the right tone for individual profiles - depending on whether they match the persona you have defined. In this way, you personalise and automate your communication in equal measure.


  • Flexible and varied campaign design
  • Efficient and clear campaign management
  • Campaign start via profile import or dynamically via web forms
  • Geographical selections for automated addressing of profiles
  • Automatic check if individual profiles fit the persona
  • Targeted control of the number of campaign runs
  • Optimised mailings based on reading behaviour

What our customers say

Andrea Hartmair

Andrea Hartmair, Chief Communications Officer of the BACHMANN Group

Bachmann Logo

„Thanks to Evalanche and e-raumwerk, we discovered Marketing Automation for our needs and learned to love the numerous advantages within a short time. Marketing Automation has not only accelerated our processes, but also significantly increased the transparency of our leads and that way it opened up new possibilities for their further processing. This allows us to offer our customers and prospects individual experiences with high added value. At the same time, the efficiency we have gained creates new freedom for innovation and creativity.“

All campaigns at a glance with only one click

Ideal success control thanks to Marketing Cockpit

How many profiles are used in your campaigns? How many leads do you generate with your campaigns? Which content is the most convincing? These questions can be answered by a marketing automation tool in real time – thanks to the Evalanche Marketing Cockpit and numerous live statistics. This creates maximum transparency for all your automated measures and allows you to manage your campaigns effectively. You can monitor content, control campaigns, evaluate reports and experience success in real time. You get all the information you need with just one click directly in your marketing automation tool!


  • Detailed analyses and reports on your content across different channels
  • Monitoring the activities of your profiles
  • Quick overview of all as well as individual campaigns
  • Live statistics for real-time
  • Check a multitude of KPIs with one click

What our customers say

Eva Neuhaus

Eva Neuhaus, Manager for Sales Projects and Campaigns, Mainova AG

mainova Logo

„Our original website existed only as a one-pager. Now the enrichment with product-specific lead pages, the development and maintenance of a blog as well as the connection to a CRM system enable us to determine potentials on the basis of digital customer behaviour and to document lead processing. Our previous marketing automation solution had reached its limits and data generated via the software could not be transferred to the CRM system and, conversely, no customer information from the CRM system could be used for automated marketing measures. The same applied to end-to-end tracking, opportunity management as well as the provision of marketing signals for sales.“


Simple & seamless integration

100% flexibility guaranteed with our marketing automation software

To be able to react quickly to changing customer needs and market conditions, SMEs need flexible technologies that grow with them. With Evalanche, you can seamlessly integrate a marketing automation tool into your existing IT landscape and adapt it at any time. Always according to your individual requirements.

Find out more about how integration succeeds easily and quickly!

Smart client management

Our marketing automation tool minimises your administrative efforts.

The intelligent multi-client capability in Evalanche is created for B2B companies that operate internationally, across different companies or business units. Administrative efforts are reduced to a minimum - thanks to the high degree of automation with translations at the click of a mouse and much more.

Find out for yourself how easy it is to manage clients!

Maximum protection & safety

Our marketing automation system is DSGVO-compliant and ISO-certified.

Evalanche is not only "Made & hosted in Germany", but - like SC-Networks as the manufacturer - is also TÜV-certified according to ISO 27001. The marketing automation tool fulfils all requirements of the GDPR within the framework of "Privacy by Design" and "Privacy by Default". This ensures reliable protection of your customer data.

Trust in the highest level of data protection and security!

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Frequently asked questions about email marketing tools

What is a Marketing Automation Tool?

A marketing automation tool is a platform to plan and implement marketing campaigns with ease. It gibes companies the opportunity to professionally measure and evaluate the results of these marketing measures within the marketing automation software. A marketing automation tool lets you effectively digitalise and efficiently automate recurring marketing and sales tasks.
The features of a marketing automation software include:

  • Lead scoring and lead generation
  • Workflow automation
  • CRM synchronisation
  • Module configuration
  • Campaign management
  • Database
  • Web Controlling

How can you find the right marketing automation tool for your needs?

The requirements for a marketing automation tool vary depending on the company. Before purchasing a marketing automation tool, it is worthwhile to complete the following steps:

  1. Analyse your specific needs.
    Why and for which tasks do you need a marketing automation tool?
  2. Consider what functions you expect from a marketing automation software.
    What do you want the marketing automation tool to achieve in your company?
    Which communication channels do you want to serve?
  3. Make a list of all the requirements.
    Which criteria are important to you and which are not?
    What is your budget for the purchase of a marketing automation software?

Based on these points, you can now choose the right marketing automation tool for your needs. We can guarantee you that Evalanche marketing automation software lets you fully customise your marketing automation system with various modules and features.

What are the benefits of marketing automation tools?

A marketing automation tool is worthwhile for almost every company. Organisations benefit especially because of the following advantages:

  • Simultaneous management of multiple marketing and sales processes
  • Convenient personalisation of measures
  • Effective content creation
  • Targeted increase in conversion rates
  • Ideal use of resources
  • Efficient data management and analysis
  • Cross-departmental collaboration thanks to data synchronisation
  • Automated and efficient lead nurturing
  • Improved measurability of campaigns
  • Increased return on investment (ROI)

How can a marketing automation system help with customer acquisition?

A marketing automation tool fully supports companies in customer acquisition and retention. First of all, it enables the planning and creation of targeted campaigns and other marketing activities. Since these are rolled out to specific target groups, they directly reach the right people. Potential new customers are more likely to feel addressed by these personalised marketing measures and are more likely to decide for your company.

Further, the data basis for designing and delivering marketing measures tailored to the target group comes directly from the marketing automation software. This is because it can be used to collect, analyse and evaluate large amounts of customer data and activities, which ultimately form the basis for a target-group-specific marketing and sales strategy.

Quick and easy - check it out today!

Whatever your challenges at hand are, learn more about Evalanche and let yourself be blown away by the incredible possibilities of marketing automation for your business!

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