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Evalanche is ideally customised to the requirements of marketing departments of major corporations. The comprehensive e-marketing functionalities of Evalanche offer a first-class basis for high productivity, technical efficiency, flexibility and cost-effective working.

  • Successfully used by numerous hidden champions
  • Specialised for international use
  • Intuitive usage with flexible multi-client architecture
  • Rapid IT integration through certified connectors
  • TÜV-certified according to ISO 27001

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Certified: Evalanche, the enterprise solution

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From practice for practice: learning from success stories

KUKA robot automates digital dialogue
The international B2B environment needs an email marketing system that is user-friendly and multilingual. Above all, it must be very highly automated and effective and efficient in terms of use and extension. Expenses can nevertheless rise dramatically when working intensively with the system (click here to view PDF)

Hansgrohe refines its B2B email marketing
Email marketing has been an important information and sales channel for a South German mail order company for over 5 years now. The existing email marketing solution was replaced by a modern email marketing system at the start of 2012 – automatic database synchronisation via a SAP-certified CRM connector was an additional deciding factor (click here to view PDF)

Enterprise solution

One of the most modern technologies in Europe

Evalanche is one of the most modern e-marketing technologies in Europe. The solution is certified according to the guidelines of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and meets the Code of Ethics for legally compliant permission marketing of the German Dialogue Marketing Association (DDV). In addition to a secure and high-performance infrastructure, we offer you qualified development and consulting services from our experts on site for the necessary integration of Evalanche in your existing infrastructure.

Email marketing, lead management and marketing automation - all from a single source

The saas (software as a service) solution from SC-Networks provides companies with all the tools needed to automate marketing efforts. From the classic newsletter and email marketing tool to the lead management application and the effective marketing automation system. In Evalanche, all modules can be linked together and offer one of the most modern software solutions in the field of digital communication to medium-sized and international companies.

Email Marketing Marketing Automation Lead Management

Why companies choose Evalanche

Flexible cross-media mailings

Evalanche is a web-based application for uncomplicated but effective email marketing. It has never been easier for web editors to create complex, cross-media newsletters - without any programming knowledge: Simply upload texts and graphics of your newsletter via CMS through Evalanches comfortable web interface. The use of the system is therefore - even without prior-in-depth prior knowledge - extremely simple and makes it easier to get started with modern and effective eMarketing.

User interface via drag and drop

An easy-to-use user interface is a decisive factor in the context of target-oriented e-marketing. Home page, 3D-Reportings and all navigation elements can therefore be individually configured via drag and drop. The new user interface makes the application compatible and easy to implement for both small screen and large screen devices.

Address generation and lead qualification

Evalanche generates high-quality address data for you and keeps it up to date at all times. With the integrated web form configurator, you can intuitively create new web forms for address input - without any programming skills. This means that you will always have a recipient pool at your disposal that is tailored to your goals in order to benefit from the highest possible range.


Live Tracking and Statistics

A new technology enables you to monitor results and intereactions in real time - while they are being sent. After completion, you will receive detailed statistical evaluations that provide insight into the exact behavior of your customers, an important source of information in the field of eMarketing. Profile data support you in subsequent campaigns to further refine your personal customer approach and to fine-tune it even more precisely to the individual recipients. The better the customer is addressed, the more feedback you can expect.

Real-time industry comparison

Who would not like to know how the success of their campaigns can be compared to the industry average? Because it is not only the evaluation of your own measures that is relevant. Comparison with the competition in your industry also provides important data and identifies potential areas for improvement. Evalanche automatically provides benchmark data for industry-specific comparative values and thus enables you to further optimize current measures for future campaigns.

Top Quality

Comprehensive quality checks

Professional newsletter campaigns consist of a large number of individual objects and dependencies. Integrated test functions uncover any errors in a timely manner before dispatch. Nasty surprises can thus be avoided. Spam checker, depiction check for current mail clients, attention analysis, W3C conformity, flow charts, inbox monitoring and more ensure the necessary transparency.

Integration in the existing IT infrastructure

One of the most demanding disciplines with email marketing is automated data synchronisation. Information gained during campaigns is communicated by EVALANCHE to existing CRM, ERP or shop systems. Solutions for data synchronisation with e.g. Salesforce CRM, SAP CRM, and Sugar CRM are in successful use. Our experienced team of developers supports you in the event of special requirements.

Multi-client usage

The specialisation of Evalanche for use in major corporations is based, among other things, on a coherent multi-client capability. Any number of accounts for company divisions, subsidiaries, etc. can be set up under one corporate account. These are clearly differentiated from one another and protected against unauthorised access. This is ensured by a differentiated system of rights and account management with billing via the respective cost centres.

Content syndication

Evalanche offers cross-client content sharing with access to central articles and news. Existing website content can also be imported with this and used for campaigns. An overarching media library simplifies the cross-company access to released images, videos and more.

Openness for international communication

EVALANCHE has been designed right from the start for use in the international environment. i.e. companies with international operations can use all current languages and international character set coding across all formats, including Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Automated and cross-media

Marketing professionals can plan, implement and manage their campaigns independently and intuitively with Evalanche. They are thus largely independent of the support from IT specialists. Very many processes e.g. creating a cross-media emailing in different formats are standardised and can be realised in just a few steps. The different output formats HTML, text, PDF, text-to-speech and RSS are integrated in the template and can be used in automated form.

Flexible and independent

We have disclosed all templates for newsletters and emailings, web forms and landing pages. You can adapt and extend these to your environment independently and as you wish. We also offer you interfaces and programming languages in order to meet special tasks and connections in your company. This makes you independent across the board.

Quality addresses and segmentation

The requirement for successful email marketing is qualified customer profiles: the more specific, the higher the quality. For this purpose, Evalanche offers diverse functions in order to develop detailed profiles. You can also create several data pools under one account and link them with one another via a target group configurator: to dynamic target groups with individualisation and personalisation for campaigns with low wastage.

Areas of use

Evalanche has been in use at renowned companies for more than 10 years – with demonstrable success in a large range of regional and international emarketing campaigns for the following areas:

  • Corporate communication with PR releases and newsletters
  • Corporate marketing with address structure and profiling
  • Corporate sales with emailings, cross- and upselling, acquisition
  • Development of partner structures for channel marketing and content sharing

Email and newsletter marketing

Evalanche supports you with all functions for the planning and implementation of email marketing campaigns for:

  • Cross-media newsletter
  • Stand-alone and info mailings
  • Multi-stage email campaigns (life-cycle mailings)
  • Reminder and birthday mailings (trigger mailings)
  • Confirmation mails, password requests (transaction mailings)
  • Ecards and online voting
  • Voucher mailings and customer club
  • Press reports and investor relations
  • Seminar and training registrations
  • RSS and ATOM feeds
  • Podcasts, audio and video mailings

Address generation, profile structure and qualification

For address generation and its qualification, Evalanche offers a convenient and flexible form generator that is easy to operate for:

  • Marketing automation
  • Landing pages (forms)
  • Profile structure (forms)
  • Contact enquiries and online registrations
  • Order and booking enquiries
  • Market and customer surveys
  • Competitions and prize draws
  • Recommendations (tell-a-friend)
  • Validation forms
  • Call-back and info service
  • Cooperation campaigns
  • Online applications
  • My Profile Centre (profile updating)

Lead management solution

The powerful Evalanche Email marketing platform has been expanded to become a professional lead management solution – including lead scoring and lead nurturing and content marketing modules with persona-based content development and analysis.

A combo package including consulting, implementation and product functionality offers the following options:

  • Lead management with lead scoring and lead nurturing
  • Campaign management including email marketing, landing pages and social media via automated workflows
  • Marketing automation methods
  • Content marketing through definition of buyer personas
  • Integration of sales through CRM integration, email alerts and automated lead assignment
  • Data management

Customised enterprise service concept

What do we do for your success?

As a specialised company for premium email marketing, we guarantee not only a high system availability with top performance, the highest security standards and extremely fast service response times. If your company has any special requirements, our advisors and employees from the Customer Care Team are there for you too.

Data protection, data back-up and performance

EVALANCHE runs as a SaaS (software as a service) in established TÜV-certified data centres with very high standards of security. A detailed security document specifies the total of all the rules and measures established by us on data protection, for internal security with multiple emergency cover and for the security of the IP service centres, the system software and the applications.

International white-listing

Our membership of the German Direct Marketing Association (DDV), the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and our close contact to major service providers guarantees you a maximum of quality and a very high mail delivery rate via the white listing.

Data preparation and import service

For the preparation and import of profiles from third-party systems, EVALANCHE offers a special import service for a rapid updating of the profile data.

Support, maintenance and administration

We offer you free-of-charge and comprehensive user support by email and telephone. Within 4 hours. If necessary, also immediate support for “project emergencies” until the problem has been corrected .

Design, template programming and pre-sets

When an Evalanche account has been set up for your company for the first time, you can count on our experts. They produce the required framework for the planned mailings with appropriate default settings, templates, import profile data and generate further accounts for the different company divisions underneath the company account.

Training courses and webinars

Our customer advisers and experienced trainers ensure that your employees become familiar with handling Evalanche. We make you email marketing professionals in training courses, training-on-the-job and participation in our weekly live webinars.

Consulting: Strategy and data synchronisation

We offer you further consulting services for the necessary strategy planning and for the automated data synchronisation with third-party systems on the basis of the Evalanche web services SOAP and XML/RPC. Evalanche can thus be integrated almost seamlessly into any existing IT infrastructure.


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