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Your email marketing tool for hyper-personalised communication

Turn your customer dialogue into a unique experience! The GDPR-compliant email marketing tool Evalanche ensures that your messages reach your target groups just at the right moment. Say goodbye to "batch and blast" and hello to the future of communication with personalised and relevant content that your customers really want and need.

With our intuitive email marketing software your newsletter communication is 100 % automated. Inspire your recipients, strengthen your brand and increase the customer lifetime value for your company significantly.

With Evalanche, marketing & sales teams achieve verifiably better results!

Over 5.000

companies use Evalanche already

20 years

of market experience

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partners rely on Evalanche

Meet our satisfied customers:

Our Closed Loop Email Marketing Tool - more than a simple mailing platform

Archive better results with the direct marketing channel number 1! As an email marketing tool, Evalanche supports your entire closed loop marketing process with numerous advantages:

  • You can set up a legally compliant address distribution system, for example via data imports or integrated web forms - including address checks, duplicate checks and automated double opt-in.
  • The software intuitively creates and sends emails and newsletters in a corporate and responsive design, with personalised content and individual dispatch time, so that your emails are always well received.
  • Relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) are measured automatically. At the same time our tool takes care of feedback analysis in clear dashboards, so you can fully control and target optimisations.

Relieve your marketing team of all the pressure and increase their productivity and revenue at the same time. In addition, thanks to a ISO 27001 certification, you can always rely on Evalanche for full data protection, complying with current data security standards. You can maintain your digital sovereignty and take full advantage of legally secure email marketing that succeeds your wishes.

Email-Marketing Automation

Our email marketing software - your advantages

Marketing Automation in Echtzeit

Full personalisation guarantees less loss

Simply configure, digitise and automate

Transparent, flexible pricing without a minimum contract period

Legally compliant
High quality from Germany ISO 27001 certified

Marketing Automation ist integrativ

Numerous interfaces are compatible with third-party systems (CRM, ERP, CMS, Shop)

Your email marketing tool comes with many highlights

Secure address generation

thanks to intelligent web forms

Multichannel communication

thanks to our integrated cross-media function

Multichannel communication

thanks to our integrated cross-media function

Quality & Delivery Guarantee

thanks to comprehensive quality checks

Dispatch time optimisation

thanks to profile-based broadcasting

Real-time success control

thanks to KPI analysis and reporting

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Generate subscribers and leads

Fast and legally compliant with intelligent web forms

Generate addresses professionally and legally compliant. Build profiles easily and automatically. With our email marketing tool and its integrated configurator, you can create web forms and landing pages quickly and intuitively. All form fields are automatically linked to your address database in the Email Marketing Tool. With just one click, entry fields are pre-filled - for an ideal user experience. In this way, you can design intuitive forms and lead pages at any time and integrate them hassle-free into your website or newsletter.


  • Professional web forms without programming
  • Highly personalised landing pages
  • Tailor-made content modulation
  • Profile Scoring and Progressive Profiling
  • Smart, pre-filled entry forms
  • Integration of forms and lead pages into automated campaigns

What our customers say

Benjamin Friedrich

Benjamin Friedrich, Head of Digital Audience Marketing at Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House Logo

„As a newsletter tool, Evalanche is very convincing thanks to its numerous evaluation and personalisation options. Due to the compatibility with other systems - and especially thanks to the strong partner network of SC-Networks - we found just the right solution for our requirements. The smooth interaction with the partners involved has made our work much easier.“

Communicate on all of your channels

Cross-media communication with your email marketing tool

Take advantage of the opportunities that Evalanche offers and reach your target group on all relevant touchpoints. To accomplish this, you need unique content in different formats. Thanks to our cross-media function, you can create all your content within the email marketing software and already get it in the appropriate format automatically - depending on the target medium. Whether responsive for your own website, attention-grabbing for social media or dynamic for print mailings that you can even send without advertising consent - our email marketing tool Evalanche makes it all possible!


  • Operates all relevant media types
  • Matching the right formats to the target group
  • All formats in responsive design
  • Online & print can be combined efficiently
  • Integrates content at all touchpoints in the corporate design
  • More reach thanks to share function for social media

What our customers say

Carina Schmeissl

Carina Schmeissl, Marketing Assistance of Hinterstoder-Wurzeralm Bergbahnen AG

wurzeralm Logo

„With the help of Evalanche and the interface to feratel's online booking tool developed by pixelpoint, we have succeeded in automating our entire newsletter processes - from registration to double opt-in to dispatch. While our customers are thrilled with the fast newsletter dispatch and the new individual options, we have not only improved considerably in efficiency and time but have also fully positioned ourselves legally for now and the future.“

Get started with your newsletter

Start successfully with the Newsletter Powerset

With the PowerSet, you can create professional newsletters with the Evalanche tool in no time - quick, easy and without programming knowledge needed. Use the tried-and-tested sample templates and presets in Evalanche. Create your newsletter for several business units or branches as well as in numerous languages. When you insert articles and images, our newsletter software automatically takes care of the correct scaling and display. Benefit from the possibilities to fully customise and personalise.


  • Preset double opt-in for newsletter registration
  • Personalisation features for newsletter content
  • Real-time reporting on click and open rates
  • Legally compliant newsletter tracking
  • Master template for multivariant and multilingual newsletters
  • (Mobile) display in all email clients

What our customers say

Sabine Heukrodt-Bauer

Sabine-Heukrodt-Bauer, IT Law Specialist and Partner at RESMEDIA Mainz

„As lawyers for IT, IP and media law, it is essential for us to respect the privacy and right to informational self-determination in automated communication with our clients and interested parties. For this reason we already rely on Evalanche for years, for example, to generate email addresses via automatic double opt-in in compliance with the law and to reliably send our newsletters in compliance with all legal requirements.“

Ensure the quality of your newsletters

Integrated quality checks ensure that your emails are well received

Your email marketing tool should not only automate the sending of your mailings and newsletters, but also ensure the quality of your mailings. The integrated display check and deliverability check as well as other quality assurance tools increase the accuracy of your emails. Use the variety of analytics in Evalanche for even better emails and newsletters. Ensure that your messages reach your recipients. Professionalise your communication with our email marketing tool.


  • Delivery check and spam control for guaranteed transmission
  • Display checks for ideal readability
  • Attention, reading time and text analysis for better content
  • Inbox monitoring to check dispatch performance and quality of delivery
  • Reduction of loss in email marketing

What our customers say

Roger Wondrusch

Roger Wondrusch, Head of Project Business, Hansgrohe AG

hansgrohe Logo

„The international introduction of email marketing already proved itself immediately after the rollout. Due to Evalanche's top usability with intuitive use, we were able to successfully manage 231 international mailings after a short time. The average open rate was over 50 %, while less than 1 % of recipients made use of the option to unsubscribe.“

Send at the right time

Intuitive newsletter tool with individual dispatch time optimisation

A must-have for every email marketing tool and every newsletter software is the right timing for sending. With Evalanche you can calculate the most favourable sending time for each recipient – allowing to send it out up to two days later. This effectively increases the opening and click rates of your mailings and newsletters. Plus, the modern high-performance server farms in Germany guarantee a smooth and fast dispatch 24/7. We can guarantee you the highest quality and performance as well as reliable delivery rates thanks to our certifications and whitelist entries.


  • Recipient-specific sending of mailings and newsletters
  • Guaranteed increase in opening rates
  • Optimal dispatch time is calculated based on the profile history
  • Allows to activate and deactivate dispatch time optimisation
  • Three optimisation options – choose the most active day of the week and the most convenient time of day

What our customers say

Thomas Düker

Thomas Düker, Marketing & E-Business, AEB GmbH

AEB Logo

„We use Evalanche as a central tool for managing permissions. This means that all our email campaigns were handled with this tool and the returns were recorded. We mapped the scoring in Evalanche and also made the transfer to the sales support. It was relatively easy to implement our concept for the different scoring levels in Evalanche and to realise the transfer of face-to-face processing to sales - the ease of use is worth emphasising.“

Measure the success of your mailings

KPI analytics and reporting within your email marketing tool

To guarantee the permanent success of your email and newsletter campaigns, you receive various evaluation options in your email marketing tool. You can keep an eye on the most important KPIs of your mailings at all time - from opening rates, click maps and scoring values to recipient activities. Live reporting and other individual reports allow you to analyse and optimise your campaigns. To optimise the customer journey and increase your conversions you can use our funnel report. With our email marketing tool you can make your success measurable!


  • Analyse and recognise the behaviour of cour recipients
  • Variety of reports for different KPIs
  • Live reporting for each mailing up to 14 days after dispatch
  • Create individual reports with just a few clicks
  • API report to analyse ROI, milestones and campaign flows
  • Conversion analysis thanks to a funnel report

What our customers say

Beate Baur

Beate Baur, Marketing Expert, KUKA Roboter GmbH


„Evalanche was chosen because of its convenient multi-client capability and multilingualism for international use. Particularly noteworthy is the intuitive usability of the system and the wide range of options for statistics and reports. The experience of the SC-Networks staff in worldwide roll-outs, individual training, the direct line to the technical service and the prompt assistance confirm our good feeling in favour of Evalanche.“


Intelligent & customisable

Integrate Evalanche into your IT landscape easily and hassle-free.

To sell successfully you have to react as quickly as possible to changing customer needs and dynamic market changes. For this, B2B SMEs need a flexible email marketing tool that can be easily integrated and adapted to individual needs. Evalanche is THE solution for sustainable email marketing.

Learn more about the flexibility of Evalanche!

Effective & efficient

Reduce your administrative efforts with intuitive client management.

With its smart multi-client capability, Evalanche is ideal for B2B companies that operate internationally or across different companies. The high degree of automation in roll-outs including one-click translations and other powerful features of the email marketing tool saves time significantly.

Secure & DSGVO compliant

You can trust in the ISO-certified protection of your customer data.

With Evalanche "Made & hosted in Germany" and certified by TÜV according to ISO 27001, SC-Networks firmly anchors data protection and IT security in its own business policy and IT strategy. We thus guarantee the reliable protection of your customer data and an email marketing tool that meets all the requirements of the GDPR.

Better safe than sorry - that's what you can expect from us!

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Frequently asked questions about email marketing tools

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an online marketing method that is subordinate to direct marketing. By sending emails, companies build strong relationships with their customers and partners. There are two different types of email marketing:

  • One-to-one communication: The company send an email specifically to one person.
  • One-to-many communication: Here, a company sends a message to any number of recipients. If this type of email marketing is used too often, recipients understand it as spam.

Newsletters and mailings are among the best-known measures of email marketing. Companies usually send out newsletters at regular intervals to inform their clients and partners about any news, events and more. Mailings, on the other hand, have a specific reason and are send out irregularly, for example to announce an upcoming offer.

What does an email marketing tool do?

An email marketing software is a tool for companies to control their email marketing. It takes over many tasks for them so that newsletters and mailings can be sent out automatically.

The functions of an email marketing tool include:

  • Creation of registration forms
  • Mailing/newsletter creation
  • Various shipping options
  • Email automation
  • Personalisation options
  • Reporting functions
  • Analysis functions
  • A/B Testing
  • Data security

Why is an email marketing tool important to have for SMEs?

An email marketing software is very worthwhile for medium-sized B2B companies, because by sending out regular newsletters and mailings to their subscribers, they can strengthen the relationship with their customers in the long term. Thanks to the email marketing tool, the content and timing of the mailings can be planned quickly and easily. This frees up valuable resources that employees can use elsewhere. Especially companies in which employees fill several positions benefit from an automated email marketing tool.

In addition, an email marketing software facilitates customer communication. With regular mailings about offers and exciting news, B2B companies stay in their customers' minds - and encourage them to make a purchase.

What are the advantages of having an email marketing software?

Companies benefit from an email marketing tool in many ways. They reach customers faster and more efficiently and can automate numerous tasks related to email marketing. In addition, an email marketing and newsletter software brings further advantages, such as:

  • Numerous design options
  • Saving all customer contacts in one place
  • Integrated real-time tracking
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Simple and prompt generation of addresses as well as lead qualification

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Whatever your challenges at hand are, learn more about Evalanche and let yourself be blown away by the incredible possibilities of marketing automation for your business!

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