The company

SC-Networks GmbH is an e-mail service provider and the manufacturer of Evalanche, one of the most modern, web-based e-mail marketing automation platform on the European market. SC-Networks is the specialist for e-mail marketing at agencies and corporations with international operations.

How it all began

The company was set up in 1999 with the business idea of developing e-marketing solutions as web-based applications. From the outset, the focus was on a particularly good usability and a consistent client capability.

With the first release of Evalanche some major clients such as e.g. GFB & Partner, IDS Scheer and Heidelberg Cement were acquired as early as 2003.

SC-Networks then established itself fully on the German-speaking market at the end of 2006 with Evalanche V3 – with the result of an entirely new approach in e-mail marketing – and new sites in Austria and Switzerland. SC-Networks rounded off its service offering in e-mail marketing with qualified training offers.

2011 was dominated by certifications – the CRM interface of Evalanche was submitted for certification at SAP and salesforce. And the software was the first e-mail marketing solution worldwide to be awarded the TÜV seal in the areas of functionality and data security.

Evalanche V4, which has been released since August 2011, once again raised the bar to a hitherto unparalleled level for security, operability, multi-client capability, multilingualism and individualisable cross-media communication of e-mail marketing software. The range of services was rounded off by a high-performance comprehensive managed service for special requirements.


Evalanche V4.5 has been released since April 2012. Amongst the top features, there are highlights like the new engagement analysis, the extended drag&drop functionality, the new designed dashboard, live view 24, full HTML5 support and many other innovative features.

Evalanche V5 was launched in October 2014, with extensive lead management & marketing automation functions.

Evalanche V6 has been available since November 2016. The update focuses on the newly developed Campaign Designer for fully automated lead and lifetime management campaigns as well as many other features and system improvements.

Evalanche V7 has been available since December 2017. Highlights of the update include interface design optimization, technical requirements for generating EU-GDPR compliant leads and new conditions and nodes in the Camapign Designer for even better automation.
Even before GDPR came into effect we gave data protection and security highest priority. The fact that we were well set-up in terms of data protection and data security was confirmed by TÜV Hessen already before May 25th in 2018. And they again certified us according to ISO/IEC 27001 in the year of the DSGVO.

SC-Networks today

Thus, the ambitious strategy of a unique GUI concept was fully implemented. And the success of the market orientation also impressively proves that the plans have gone exactly the right way. With Evalanche, SC-Networks is on a sustainable and above-average growth course. On June 22nd in Friedrichshafen, Germany, SC-Networks was awarded the "Top 100" seal of approval by Ranga Yogeshwar and is one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany.

On the occasion of our 20th company anniversary and the steadily growing number of employees, we have granted ourselves a new, larger and above all more modern office space. Of course we have remained true to our hometown Starnberg. As a result of the move, we are now located almost directly at the shore of Lake Starnberg. Thanks to the innovative office design concept, we are able to work in different working spaces, either as a team or on our own, depending on the project requirements. Because we know that success likes to be at home inside beautiful (office) spaces.

Evalanche is used internationally by more than 5,000 companies, including renowned companies and organizations such as Avery Zweckform, Manpower, Hansgrohe, KUKA Roboter, KYOCERA Document Solutions, ÖKO-TEST, swissMilk, Sennheiser, UNIQA Versicherungen, B&R Automation as well as several hundred hotels and more than 250 top agencies.

Mission statement

We believe that exceptional performances are not characterised by the “what” but by the “how”. Consequently, it is very important to us how decisions are made, how we communicate with one another and how we shape our responsibility towards the society and the environment.

We enjoy the day-to-day challenges and enthusiastically seek new solutions and paths and prefer pragmatic consensus to compromise with decisions. The basis of our day-to-day decisions are, in addition to moral and ethical principles, also a complete orientation to the customer’s requirements.

We communicate in a friendly and open manner and foster collaborative and respectful dealings with the people around us. The trust of our customers is our responsibility; we therefore take data protection and data security very seriously. Our specialisation necessitates that we display a very high level of quality and a clear distancing from restrictions caused by standard solutions. We learn from our mistakes and contribute the experience acquired to the processes of ensuring continuous and permanent improvement.

We are owner-managed, trust in diversity of functionality, quality and cost benefits of open source and put our faith in Germany as a development location. We work with companies who appreciate individual solutions and our personal commitment.
Every day, our customers can rely on us to do our best at all times.

Security Policy

IT security is an integral part of business policy and thus of the IT strategy of SC-Networks.

Information and the processes and IT systems used for its transmission and processing are fundamental values for the SC networks. Protecting these values is essential to maintain and improve the performance and competitive position of the company as well as the trust of business partners and customers.

SC-Networks and its employees make every effort to reduce the risks of information transfer and processing to an acceptable level. In order to put these joint efforts on a solid footing, the principles of IT security of the SC networks are laid down and supplemented by detailed regulations. Because security is everyone's concern at SC-Networks!

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