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What are the possible deployment scenarios?

The main fields of application are e-mail marketing, marketing automation and lead management.

Email and newsletter marketing

Evalanche supports you with all the functions for planning and implementing e-mail marketing campaigns for:

  • Cross-media newsletters
  • Standalone and info mailings
  • Multi-stage e-mail campaigns (life cycle mailings)
  • Reminder and birthday mailings (trigger mailings)
  • Confirmation emails, password requests (transaction mailings)
  • eCards and online votes
  • Voucher mailings and customer clubs
  • Press releases and investor relations
  • Seminar and training registrations
  • RSS and ATOM feeds
  • Podcasts, audio and video mailings
  • e-letter

Marketing Automation and Lead Management

For address generation, whose maturing process leads to qualified lead including transmission to sales, Evalanche offers a wide range of functions for comprehensive lead management along the entire customer journey:

  • Campaign designer for automated processes
  • Dynamic landing and lead pages (microsites)
  • Profile structure (linked forms)
  • contact enquiries and online registrations
  • Order and booking inquiries
  • market and customer surveys
  • raffles and sweepstakes
  • Recommendations (tell-a-friend)
  • Validation forms
  • Callback and information service
  • cooperation campaigns
  • Online applications
  • My profile center (profile update)
  • SOAP webservice and connectors for bidirectional data exchange

What are the general advantages of email marketing automation with Evalanche?

Low initial costs

Application service providing (ASP) and software as a service (saas) eliminate high start-up costs for software, hardware and administration.

Flexibility and independence
Regardless of time and space, the campaign can be planned, controlled, implemented and evaluated from any location with Internet access. No software installation is required in your company.

Structured address management
The central data storage with automatic duplicate matching and support for all common confirmation procedures (double, confirmed and single opt-in) ensures the creation of a high-quality address database.

Easy newsletter and e-mailing handling
Based on ready-made templates, a professional newsletter can be created and sent in a few moments.

Effective control of automated campaigns
Our Campaign Designer combines business process management methodologies with the flexibility of Evalanche object configurations around a receiver profile. This means that integrated campaigns and communication routes can be created quickly and easily and carried out fully automatically. All objects and parameters can be edited within the campaign designer via configuration menus. Even for more complex campaign routes, you can keep track of all individual processes.

Accurate target group identification
Detailed options for target group identification and profile assignment as well as automatic duplicate matching limit wastage to a minimum.

Individual approach
The personalization and individualization of all content across all channels ensures optimal dialogue and a maximum response rate.

Cross-media newsletters and e-mailings
Not only the standard HTML newsletter is generated by the system. All other required components such as text version, newsletter as website, PDF-newsletter, PDF-newsletter articles, landing pages (article contents in web format) and RSS-feeds for articles contained in the newsletter are also created automatically.

Central media management
A dedicated media center manages all the necessary information and data, from images and articles to templates, documents and attachments. This means that it is possible to quickly consolidate all content for emarketing campaigns in the shortest possible time.

multi-client capability
The multi-client capability enables the administration of any number of self-sufficient accounts and cross-client work.

Address generation components
Regardless of which service components are required in the form, they can be integrated directly and automatically into the newsletter or e-mailing - for example, callback, order and contact forms, competitions and market surveys. All connected forms can be prefilled with the data available in the database when they are called.

Exact success control
Numerous statistical evaluations provide information about the exact customer behaviour and thus enable measurable marketing. How often and when was the newsletter or e-mailing opened? How often has special content been clicked? This information supports you in target-oriented approach and optimal budget planning.

Putting into operation and adaptation

How long does it take until the system is put into operation?

The system can be fully used within three working days. Data, settings and newsletter templates that you have created or adapted during the test phase are automatically adopted into the productive system.

Does our company have to install any particular software?

No, a special installation is not necessary. All you need is a standard web browser (e. g. Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) with internet connection.

What security aspects does the system offer?

Internal security

  • SC-Networks is DIN 27001 certified, making IT security an integral part of business policy and thus of the IT strategy. Information and the processes and IT systems used for its transmission and processing are fundamental values for the SC networks. Protecting these values is essential to maintain and improve the performance and competitive position of the company as well as the trust of business partners and customers.
  • SC-Networks and its employees make every effort to reduce the risks of information transfer and processing to an acceptable level. In order to put these joint efforts on a solid footing, the principles of IT security of the SC networks are laid down and supplemented by detailed regulations. Because security is everyone's concern at SC-Networks!
  • The core of Evalanche's security architecture is made up of reliable and trustworthy employees, who are bound by clear rules of use for internal IT and the Evalanche software as a service.
  • A correspondingly trained data protection officer will arrange for the documentation of the rules of use and will monitor the application and adherence to all rules and measures for data protection. He teaches and trains employees in data protection issues, especially IT administrators and employees who come into contact with sensitive data through their work.
  • All SC-Networks IT systems are protected against attacks from outside by firewalls. These security measures are always kept up to date.
  • Internal corporate servers are installed in separate and secure server rooms.
  • Only IT administrators have access to these rooms.
  • Data on backup media is encrypted and the media is stored securely in a safe. Only the management and IT administrators have access to the vault.

All-round protection in the data center

  • Evalanche runs as fail-safe "software as a service" on server farms in two separate and TÜV-certified high-performance data centres. Administration access is restricted to IT administrators of SC-Networks GmbH and authorized employees in the data centers.
  • The highest security standards apply in the data centers - multi-level access controls via security gates with video surveillance prevent the intrusion of unauthorized persons.
  • Seamless video surveillance in the data center and logging of system accesses - to prevent authorized persons from unauthorized access to third party systems.
  • Newest technologies for fire prevention with fire alarm and fire protection system - Protective gas extinguishing procedures to prevent damage caused by fire water in the event of a fire.
  • Evalanche runs on multiple redundant systems - and remains accessible online even in the event of a system failure.
  • Data is stored on multiple redundant hard disks - with integrity of the data even in case of failure of individual hard disks.
  • Communication is via multiple redundant high-speed Internet access points - Evalanche remains accessible even in the event of a failure of individual Internet access points.
  • Secure communication via transport layer securtiy (TLS) and https - prevents spying out of your session through eavesdropping attacks.
  • Redundant, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) - even in the event of longer power failures at the server site, Evalanche remains accessible via emergency power supply via diesel generator.

Permission Marketing and Certification

  • Through our DDV membership we are bound by Evalanche to the code of honour for legally compliant permission marketing - we hereby expressly distance ourselves from the sending of unwanted advertising by e-mail.
  • Evalanche is certified by the certified senders alliance CSA and is therefore a member of the CSA Whitelist - for high delivery rates during shipping.
  • Through cooperation with the internet service providers ISPs and ongoing blacklist monitoring, we protect ourselves against shipping blockages.
  • By a continuous Robinson list comparison we prevent the reception of unwanted advertisements via Evalanche.

Your data enjoy the highest level of protection

  • Personal data that you provide to us within the scope of a registration or enquiry will only be used by us to answer your enquiry or to provide you with access to protected areas, e. g. the Evalanche account.
  • Any other commercial use is excluded. You can revoke your consent to the storage of your personal data at any time.
  • In accordance with applicable law, we will inform you on request, free of charge, whether and which personal data are stored by us. We will correct or delete any incorrectly stored data in accordance with your request.
  • We reliably protect the data you enter and process in your Evalanche account against unauthorised access and unauthorised disclosure as well as against falsification, manipulation, destruction and loss.
  • We continuously perform data backups through automatic, scheduled database backups - and keep them protected from unauthorized access at various secure locations.
  • On request, we can also make complete backups with free delivery - for additional security and storage directly at the owner's premises.
  • We continuously protect the quality of your address data during address acquisition campaigns by using a lottery agent blocker.
  • Safety-relevant updates of the software products are installed and activated at a central location. All system users are thus up to date at the same time.

Reliable protection against unauthorized access

  • The sensitive data used by Evalanche is protected against unauthorised access by extensive security measures at various levels. The basis for this is a differentiated role and rights concept with precise assignment, which information each user can see and what he is allowed to do with it.
  • Access to data of the Evalanche server is carried out via browser via a security architecture embedded in the software to prevent unauthorized access. Secure access protocol is https with TLS certificate.
  • Using IP masking, access to Evalanche can only be restricted from authorized networks. On request, we can also configure this restriction in a differentiated and different way for individual users, e. g. for user accounts with administration rights. Even if access data is stolen, unauthorized access from the outside can be reliably prevented.
  • The system logs all security-relevant actions, e. g. login attempts.
  • Check passwords for compliance with security-relevant features such as: minimum length, use of upper and lower case letters, digits and special characters.
  • Passwords are stored in the system in encrypted form - with one-way hash code key.
  • Time-controlled automatic closing of Evalanche sessions when inactive. This can limit the risk of misuse if an authorized user has left the workstation for a longer period of time and has forgotten to log off from the system. The system backs up the session data so that it can be restarted without losing any data.

Are there problems if address databases are available in a whole variety of formats, information and applications?

No. Initially, all address databases are analysed, structured and prepared by us free of charge so that in future a uniform address database is available.

Can several employees be depicted in the system with different rights and areas of responsibility?

Yes, any number of users with differentiated rights can be created.

Can the system be adapted to our corporate design?

Yes, the system can be fully adapted to the corporate design and also the domain of your company.

Can the system be connected to our existing infrastructure?

We offer a whole range of options for the connection to existing systems (enterprise resource planning, CRM, CMS …) If there are no standard interfaces, an individual interface can also be developed on the basis of our web services XML/RPC or SOAP.

What do you do to ensure that your e-mails are not registered as SPAM mails?

In order to guarantee maximum quality and a very high e-mail delivery rate, SC-Networks is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and is in close contact with the major e-mail providers. In addition, we are also a member of the German Dialogue Marketing Association (DDV) and are subject there to the code of honour for legally compliant permission marketing. Furthermore, EVALANCHE offers anti-spam functions such as e.g. a SPAM check which already checks the spam score of an e-mail before it is sent

Costs and contractual term

What does the usage of the software and the service cost?

The entire solution is available as application service providing. I.e. there are no high initial costs for hardware and software. Address hosting, media administration, dispatch, mail deliverability service, statistics, user support, updates and safeguarding ongoing operations are invoiced via a monthly fee. The amount is calculated purely according to the address quota or dispatch volume per month. Prices start from EUR 95 a month. Depending on requirements, we offer dynamic models or all-in-one packages (unlimited use of the system).

Is there a minimum contractual term?

There is no minimum contractual term. A termination is possible at any time giving a period of notice of two weeks to the end of the month.

Fare additional costs charged for user support?

No, 2 hours of user support are included per month.

What options of cost control does the system offer?

In your EVALANCHE account, you can see the current cost status at any time.

Special agency questions

Can several customers be administered with the system?

Yes, Evalanche has multi-client capability. Diverse customer scenarios can be easily depicted.

Will my customer have contact to SC-Networks?

We leave that entirely up to you. As a basic principle, there is no need for that. The entire system and contractual model is designed in such a way that SC-Networks can remain invisible for the end customer.

Can different price models for various customer requirements be depicted with the system?

Yes, the configuration of individual price models for the customers lies entirely with the agency.

Can an individual appearance be configured for the end customer?

Yes, each managed end customer can create their own corporate identity (logo, colors, look & feel, domain and SSL certificate).

Can the system be used as a white label system?

Yes, an own contractual model makes it possible to position the system as your own product on the market. SC-Networks dispenses with any Evalanche branding.

What is the difference between SC-Networks’ offer compared to other e-mail service providers?

The business model of SC-Networks is specially aligned to the collaboration with agencies, e-mail marketing service providers and corporations. In other words, we are the specialist when it comes to depicting many different accounts via one solution.

Special enterprise questions

Can users without an IT background work with the system?

Yes, Evalanche is one of the most modern e-mail marketing solutions on the European market and is highly user-friendly. For instance, sophisticated cross-media newsletters incl. landing pages can thus be created independently of the IT. This saves valuable time and makes you independent across the board.

Can an international organisational structure be depicted?

Via the multi-client capability of Evalanche, subsidiaries, business units, competence centres, etc. can be easily depicted in so-called differentiated accounts. Global administrators can work in an overarching manner with several clients at once and thus have the opportunity to intervene at any time. The access to individual objects can be managed via a comprehensive user management.

Is a lead generation via marketing automation processes possible?

A fundamental component of Evalanche is the address generation and profiling using flexible web forms and other types of landing pages. These can be conveniently created and linked with one another via the interface. A flow chart visualises the dependencies of individual persons.

Can existing content sources be accessed?

Content can be imported via RSS 2.0 or Atom-Feed, so the administration of content can be controlled centrally via the existing Content Management System.

Can Evalanche be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures?

Yes, the web service SOAP is available for connection to third-party systems.

What services does SC-Networks offer around Evalanche?

Starting with the consulting e. g. We offer a full range of high quality professional services for interface projects or international roll-outs through the programming of templates and training of your employees.

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