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Marketing automation & lead management – made in Germany

EVALANCHE is now targeting companies that not only want to benefit from a powerful e-mail marketing solution, but also want to support Marketing and Sales with a professional lead management solution. The powerful EVALANCHE e-mail marketing platform has been expanded to become a professional lead management solution – including lead scoring and lead nurturing and content marketing modules with persona-based content development and analysis.

  • Lead management with lead scoring and lead nurturing
  • Campaign management including e-mail marketing, landing pages and social media via automated workflows
  • Marketing automation methods
  • Content marketing through definition of buyer personas
  • Integration of sales through CRM integration, e-mail alerts and automated lead assignment
  • TÜV-certified data security and software quality

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So pleasant – e-mail marketing automation

(English subtitles available)

Lead management module

The following chart shows the functionalities of the marketing automation and lead management platform:

Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing includes all measures taken by a company to address a prospective customer with relevant information at the right time, suited to the phase of the purchase decision that the prospective customer is currently in. EVALANCHE develops activity and profile-based flows to regularly and automatically provide your leads with relevant content.

Further functionalities:

  • Definition of target groups and “buyer personas” by means of activity or profile-based behaviour
  • Content mapping based on the various sales stages
  • Definition of workflows and “triggered e-mails”
  • Dynamic qualification of leads through analysis of nurturing behaviour
  • Segmentation on the basis of CRM fields
  • Personalised and dynamic forms and landing pages

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a method for evaluating leads in two respects: firstly, by the completeness of the profile (explicit) and secondly, by the lead’s response to the communication (implicit). Define the degree of qualification of your leads based on explicit and implicit evaluation criteria (e.g., from A to D). Once a lead reaches a certain rating, it is forwarded to Sales.

Further functionalities:

  • Evaluation of the various online activities (e.g., form, event attendance, etc.)
  • Incremental increase in the implicit scores by activity
  • Explicit scoring based on persona and segments
  • Lead routing

Lead routing

Lead routing refers to the transfer of leads from Marketing to Sales, directly to the employee who will be responsible for the respective lead. Transfer the qualified leads to your sales department, via an automated process. Sales staff are informed via e-mails when they are assigned new leads. Leads are assigned to the right contact person and can thus be contacted directly.

Further functionalities:

  • Alert management
  • Automatic assignment to the right sales staff
  • E-mail templates for contacting by Sales

Why companies choose EVALANCHE

(English subtitles available)

From practice for practice: learning from success stories

From brochure customer to qualified contact: AEB’s content marketing strategy

The underlying idea of content marketing is to offer the prospective customer well-prepared and relevant content in exchange for profile enrichments in order to qualify the lead for Sales. The individual processes should run as automated as possible and be flexibly designed to facilitate the quick and easy integration of new content (click here to view PDF)

KUKA robot automates digital dialogue

The international B2B environment needs an e-mail marketing system that is user-friendly and multilingual. Above all, it must be very highly automated and effective and efficient in terms of use and extension. Expenses can nevertheless rise dramatically when working intensively with the system (click here to view PDF)

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Range of services

We offer a lead management method for companies which quickly adapts their sales and marketing processes, controls their sales pipeline more effectively, shortens sales cycles and increases the average number of business transactions as well as providing a proven methodology based on processes, tools, content and resources.

The service package includes the following steps:

  1. Reviewing your current demand funnel model: analysing your current procedure for increasing demand and deciding on a common approach for your sales and marketing processes.
  2. Establishing your phases in the sales process: providing you with support in defining the various stages and gradually develop the appropriate conversion criteria.
  3. Defining your ideal customer profile: providing you with support in defining your ideal customer profile and buyer persona.
  4. Close collaboration between Marketing and Sales: optimising the transfer process from Marketing to Sales and determining the subsequent time frame, while taking into account the qualification levels of the respective lead.
  5. Checking the existing transfer criteria and discussing the relation between lead scoring qualification criteria and behaviour-related interests.
  6. Upon completion of the workshop you are provided with a multi-phase concept that explains the next steps.

Benefits of an integrated lead management process

  • A shared demand funnel: Your sales and marketing teams have a shared demand funnel that is geared towards planned growth.
  • A pinpointed conversion focus: Your sales and marketing teams will have a precisely defined set of sales phases that will help you continuously optimise your processes and thus achieve higher conversion rates.
  • A definition of the ideal customer profile: Your sales and marketing teams will have a jointly adopted buyer definition at their disposal.
  • Seamless transfer: Your sales and marketing teams will have a smooth interface for transferring potential customers in order to accompany them during their entire journey.


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