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360° communication that inspires your customers

In today's changing market, integrated sales and marketing automation is a non-negotiable requirement for a professional customer experience management (CXM). By consolidating information from different sources, B2B companies get a 360-degree view of each individual customer.

During the customer journey, each additional piece of information paints a more and more precise picture of respective customers and prospectives. This assists companies to support customer ideally in their purchase decision with precisely tailored marketing campaigns - and beyond.

The Evalanche platform combines your existing systems with Evalanche and various add-on modules into a flexible, high-performance solution. This allows you to always send the relevant content at the right time, through the right channel, and hyper-personalised to the right persona.

This is how 360° communication that inspires customers works!

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Data-based closed loop communication in real time!

Marketing automation platforms like Evalanche help to create the technological basis for holistic email marketing, marketing automation and lead management, as well as an integrated digital experience. B2B companies can build up specific customer profiles gradually across the entire customer experience and thereby integrate every channel, all touchpoints and all affected company divisions with ease.

By giving marketing, sales and customer service staff alike access to consolidated data in real time, they are able to make data-driven decisions faster - across all departments.

Thanks to the modular nature of our marketing automation platform, upgrades can be made very flexibly. All the way to a fully comprehensive Customer Data Platform (CDP). This gives you the ultimate 360°-view of your customers and prospects and allows you to truly inspire them.

Sales und Marketing Automation Plattform Evalanche

Our marketing automation platform – discover your advantages

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TÜV-certified according to ISO 27001 and data safety compliant

Your marketing automation platform comes with many highlights

Marketing Automation

Your intelligent communication center

Sales Automation

The accelerator for your sales


Your 360-degree view of your customers

Data Connect

Your real-time data synchronization

Business Intelligence

Your dashboards to monitor success


Your platform to deepen your knowledge

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Marketing Automation - your intelligent communication center

Evalanche offers you quality marketing automation made in Germany and is the only solution with a significant market penetration in German-speaking B2B SMEs (according to the IFSMA study). It allows you to automate and digitise communication with your customers, partners and prospects. Evolve your marketing and sales processes by making them simpler, more efficient and highly performing.


  • Marketing Cockpit – everything at a glance with only one click
  • Mobile and cross-media communication - reaching interested parties across all touchpoints
  • Lead and landing pages - turn your visitors into valuable leads
  • Scoring and profiling - discover sales opportunities early on
  • Campaign Designer - create automated marketing campaigns
  • Hyper-personalised communication – reach more customers through automated email and website personalization
  • Reporting - success control through analysing, reporting and ROI evaluation in real time
  • Power sets – Start smart with flexible templates

Whether email marketing, lead management or marketing automation - Evalanche offers you a high quality solution - "made in Germany"- to build a successful customer experience for your multi-channel communication.

What our customers say

Oliver Nemeczek

Oliver Nemeczek, Senior Consultant, itdesign GmbH

itdesign Logo

„In order to be able to exchange information smoothly, we had to seamlessly link Evalanche with CAS genesisWorld and WordPress. The fact that there are so many partner products and connectors that allow you to easily integrate Evalanche into your own IT landscape is a big advantage.“

Sales Add-on

Sales Automation - The accelerator for your sales

Our Sales Add-On supports your sales team to make the best out of the leads and opportunities generated. The qualified leads acquired via Evalanche Marketing Automation are automatically transferred to our Sales Add-On which makes them conveniently processable by sales. With the help of our Sales-Add-on you can increase your sales and accelerate your whole sales cycle. By linking marketing and sales, your email marketing, marketing automation and lead management become even more effective.


  • Allows central management of customer data by the sales department
  • Enables permanent bidirectional data exchange with Evalanche Marketing between leads, contacts and tracking data
  • Makes holistic, process-oriented lead and opportunity management possible
  • Facilitates simple and fast follow-up of generated leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts
  • Makes sales-relevant reporting across the entire pipeline possible

With Evalanche Sales, your sales team will benefit from an enormous increase in productivity. Thanks to the integrated interaction with Evalanche Marketing Automation, the sales department have all the data they need immediately at hand, which significantly accelerates closings.

What our customers say

Andreas Berth

Andreas Berth, Member of the Executive Board of Zander Digital Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Zander Group

Zander Logo

„Thanks to Evalanche, the Zander Group has the opportunity to understand the behaviour of its target groups more precisely and to align its marketing automation processes with them in a way that will bring success. By combining technical performance data and business metrics, conclusions can be drawn for future campaigns and mailings, and plans can be developed to optimise conversions and sales.“

Data Add-on

Datastore - Making a 360-degree view of your customers a reality

The Data Add-on aggregates data from a wide variety of sources, and further refines and consolidates it into a consistent data set. The integrated workflows update your data automatically thanks to the integration and creation of existing and new entities. This allows for the implementation of different usage scenarios, such as account-based marketing, revenue performance management, predictive analytics and more.


  • Centralised data store
  • Up-to-date data at any time from a wide range of sources
  • Simplification of marketing and sales campaigns through automation and workflows
  • 360°-view and real-time communication per profile
  • Upgradable with individual modules, such as machine learning for predictive analytics (calculation of closing probabilities, etc.)

What our customers say

Kathrin Höne

Kathrin Höne, Head of Corporate Communications, v. Rundstedt & Partner GmbH

von rundstedt Logo

„Evalanche is a powerful tool that we can use in many ways for our content marketing: from sending newsletters to fully automated campaigns. Initially, we wanted to make full use of the available options to run campaigns and control them down to the smallest detail. However, while the complexity of the supposedly perfect nurture kept increasing, success failed to materialise. In hindsight, our mistakes of yesterday are the success factors of today. With the Lean Nurture principle, we now have a functioning approach to successively and successfully automate our lead management, even with a small team.“

Connect Add-on

Data Connect - Your real-time data synchronization

The Connect Add-on allows you to connect a wide range of systems to Evalanche Marketing Automation. You can easily integrate third-party systems via interfaces, connectors, APIs and middleware. In this way, the collected customer data is synchronised precisely and in real time. Whether CRM, CMS, e-commerce, PIM or analytics - a multitude of applications can be linked thanks to bidirectional synchronization. This enables a smooth exchange of data.


  • Seamless integration of third-party systems in use
  • Synchronisation of data and content in seconds
  • No more time-consuming import and export
  • Powerful APIs, connectors and iPaaS (Integration Platform as Service)
  • Data synchronisations possible through a no-code approach (Evalanche Hub powered by Marini Systems)
  • No redundant data (golden profile or golden record)

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What our customers say

Andreas Hack

Andreas Hack, Head of Lead Management at CREATON

Creaton Logo

„Evalanche is the only system that meets the dynamics we require, which entails a modern lead campaign. Thanks to its numerous interfaces and connectors, it fits seamlessly into our existing IT system environment. The impressive result of our campaign proves that we made the right decision. The outstanding figures speak for themselves.“

Analytics Add-on

Business Intelligence - your dashboards to monitor success

With our Analytics Add-on, you get all your data at a glance. Thereby, the successes of your communication can be displayed in your Business Intelligence Dashboard in an appealing way. You are completely free in terms of the design. Further, you can define your most important KPIs and have them immediately evaluated. Whether mailing reports, data on your leads or ROI calculation - your stakeholders have the data they need conveniently consolidated and summarised at all times.


  • Every piece of important data at a glance
  • Automated evaluations of your communication campaigns
  • Clear presentation of important KPIs for all stakeholders
  • Up-to-date data through automated synchronisation
  • Appealing preparation for further use and immediate reports

What our customers say

Marcus Köhler

Marcus Köhler, Managing Director, e-raumwerk (expert for the implementation of marketing automation processes)

e-raumwerk Logo

„Excellent handling, unsurpassed flexibility and a precisely working range of functions regarding marketing automation and lead management make Evalanche a central tool for our goals. Thanks to the high level of innovation, the Kverneland Group Germany became an industry pioneer in online customer communication. Since the implementation of Evalanche, the company is now able to engage in relevant and highly personalised communication with its customers. This not only values the customer, but gives a clear competitive advantage.“

Academy Add-on

E-learning - your platform to deepen your knowledge

The Academy Add-on offers you an e-learning platform that supports Evalanche users in their daily work. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced user or a professional – with this tool e-learning is available for a wide range of applications. You can return to it at any time and deepen your knowledge through constant repetition. Further the Evalanche Academy allows you to learn time and location independent, which reduces your travel costs.


  • Available regardless of time and location (Saas solution)
  • Offline access to the training programmes via an app
  • Integrated knowledge review
  • Learn at your own speed
  • Certification possible

What our customers say

Eva Neuhaus

Eva Neuhaus, Manager for Sales Projects and Campaigns, Mainova AG (Energy Supply)

mainova Logo

„Our original website existed only as a one-pager. Now the enrichment with product-specific lead pages, the development and maintenance of a blog as well as the connection to a CRM system enable us to determine potentials on the basis of digital customer behaviour and to document lead processing. Our previous marketing automation solution had reached its limits and data generated via the software could not be transferred to the CRM system and, conversely, no customer information from the CRM system could be used for automated marketing measures. The same applied to end-to-end tracking, opportunity management as well as the provision of marketing signals for sales.“


Easy & seamless integration

Our marketing automation platform gives you maximum flexibility.

To be able to react quickly to changing customer needs and market conditions, SMEs need flexible technologies that grow with them. With Evalanche, you can seamlessly integrate our marketing automation platform into your IT landscape and adapt it at any time. Completely according to your requirements.

Learn how integration succeeds easily and quickly!

Smart client management

Our marketing automation platform minimises your administrative efforts.

The intelligent multi-client capability of Evalanche is created for B2B companies that operate internationally, across different companies or business units. Administrative efforts are reduced to a minimum - thanks to the high degree of automation with translations at one mouse click and much more.

See for yourself how easy it is to manage clients!

Maximum protection & safety

Our marketing automation platform is GDPR-compliant and ISO-certified.

Evalanche is not only "made & hosted in Germany", but - like SC-Networks as the manufacturer - is also TÜV-certified according to ISO 27001. Our marketing automation tool fulfils all requirements of the GDPR within the framework of "Privacy by Design" and "Privacy by Default". This ensures reliable protection of your customer data.

Benefit from the highest levels of data protection and security!

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Frequently asked questions about marketing automation tools

What is a Marketing Automation Tool?

A marketing automation tool is a platform that plans and implements marketing campaigns productively. Companies can conveniently measure and evaluate the results of these marketing measures within the marketing automation software. A marketing automation tool makes it possible to effectively digitalise and efficiently automate recurring tasks in marketing and sales.

The functions of a marketing automation software include:

  • Lead scoring and lead generation
  • Workflow automation
  • CRM synchronisation
  • Module configuration
  • Campaign management
  • Database
  • Web Controlling

How do I find the right marketing automation tool for my needs?

The requirements for a marketing automation tool vary from company to company. Before purchasing a marketing automation tool, it is worthwhile to complete the following steps:

  1. Analyse your specific needs.
    Why and for what do you need a marketing automation tool?
  2. Consider what functions you expect from a marketing automation software.
    What do you want the marketing automation tool to provide for your company?
    Which communication channels do you want to serve?
  3. Make a list of all the requirements.
    Which criteria are important to you and which are not?
    What is your budget for marketing automation software?

Based on these points, you can now choose the right marketing automation tool for your company. If you decide on the Evalanche marketing automation software, our various models allow you to put together a customised marketing automation system for your specific needs.

What are the benefits of marketing automation tools?

Almost every company can profit from a marketing automation tool and organisations benefit from the following advantages:

  • Simultaneous management of multiple marketing and sales processes
  • Convenient personalisation of measures
  • Effective content creation
  • Targeted increase in conversion rates
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Efficient data management and analytics
  • Collaboration across different departments thanks to data synchronisation
  • Automated and efficient lead nurturing
  • Improved measurability of campaigns
  • Increasing the return on investment (ROI)

How can a marketing automation system help with customer acquisition?

A marketing automation tool supports companies in customer acquisition and retention. First of all, a marketing automation tool enables the planning and creation of targeted campaigns and other marketing activities. Since these are rolled out to specific target groups, this helps to reach the right people directly. Potential new customers are more likely to feel addressed by these personalised marketing measures and are more likely to convert.

The data basis for designing and delivering marketing measures tailored to the target group also comes from the marketing automation software. This is because it can be used to collect, analyse and evaluate large amounts of customer data and activities, which ultimately form the basis for a target-group-specific marketing and sales strategy.

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Whatever your challenges at hand are, learn more about Evalanche and let yourself be blown away by the incredible possibilities of marketing automation for your business!