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Your lead management tool for better leads and more sales

Do you want high quality leads, bigger orders, more customers and increased sales? Let Evalanche generate your leads systematically and efficiently thanks to automated campaigns. All you have to do is to hand them over to your sales department - virtually with only one mouse click. Further, you can easily synchronise the data directly with your CRM system and get comprehensive insights into your customer potential across departments. Digitally and completely automated.

Make the digital transformation in your company a success story and take full advantage of our lead management tool. With Evalanche you can digitise and automate your customer acquisition process professionally from start to finish - for more convincing shopping experiences along the entire B2B customer journey!

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Meet our satisfied customers:

Customer acquisition made easy - with our Lead Management Tool

Professionalise your inbound marketing by placing high quality content at all your relevant touchpoints and conveniently transfer them to our lead management tool.

  • Turn anonymous website visitors into contactable leads through integrated web forms and individualised lead pages.
  • Develop your leads towards your sales target with a multi-stage lead nurturing campaign of highly personalised emails and relevant content.
  • Always keep track of the status of your leads and evaluate them with a sophisticated lead scoring system in your own lead management tool.
  • Ensure a seamless handover to your sales and marketing teams to guide potential customers throughout their journey.
Lead Management Funnel
  • To enable sales to work directly with the leads, a bidirectional synchronisation in real time to different CRM systems is directly available in your lead management tool.

Increase your business success by productively automating and digitising your lead management. For better lead generation, lead nurturing, scoring, routing and reporting, you now only need one tool to succeed: the Evalanche lead management software.

Our lead management software - your advantages

Continuously digitised lead management process

Marketing Automation ist integrativ

CRM interfaces (to SAP, CAS, Salesforce and many more)

Marketing Automation ist effektiv

Systematised lead nurturing, scoring and routing

Marketing Automation in Echtzeit

Comprehensive overview of all lead levels and KPIs

Legally compliant
ISO 27001 certified, Made in Germany, DSGVO-compliant

Your lead management tool comes with many highlights

Effective lead generation

thanks to smart lead pages & forms

Efficient lead nurturing

thanks to automated campaigns

Flexible lead scoring

thanks to behaviour-based tracking

Automated lead routing

thanks to flexible sales connection

Monitoring success in real time

thanks to profile and behavioural data in the cockpit

Sales automation

thanks to a powerful sales add-on

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Gain more leads automatically

with our professional lead management tool

Generate addresses reliably and legally compliant and turn anonymous website visitors into qualified leads. Our highly optimised landing pages and integrated web forms make it hassle-free! Configure them easily and conveniently with our lead management tool. Since the form fields are automatically linked to the Evalanche database, you can further enrich existing profiles and play out pre-filled forms. With our lead management software, your lead generation will reach a new level with an ideal user experience.


  • Higher conversions through personalised landing pages
  • Individual and customised content playout
  • Professional lead pages and web forms in no time
  • Intuitive configuration without programming knowledge
  • Dynamic form design for progressive profiling

What our customers say

Claudia Baur

Claudia Baur, Online Marketing Manager, SchwörerHaus KG

Schwörer Haus Logo

„The intelligent interaction between Evalanche and Leadtributor has not only allowed us to bring our processes up to date, but also to position ourselves for the future. They are the ideal solution for Lead Management 4.0 at SchwörerHaus. We now have the perfect basis and the potential for the future is far from exhausted. With Evalanche and Leadtributor, we have two living systems available that are constantly evolving, just like our house concepts. Everything fits together perfectly, and we can only profit from it.“

Develop your leads efficiently

through automated lead nurturing campaigns

Build sustainable customer relationships and ensure a positive experience right from the start. Use the Evalanche Campaign Designer to plan and implement professional lead nurturing campaigns to accompany your potential customers along their decision-making process more effectively. The Evalanche lead management software develops activity and profile-based flows to provide your leads with relevant content on a regular, automated basis. Optimise your sales process and increase your closing rate - for more sales and more satisfied customers.


  • Professional campaign planning via drag and drop
  • Recipient segmentation and content targeting based on activity or profile-based behaviour
  • Content mapping based on the different sales stages
  • Definition of workflows and trigger emails
  • Dynamic qualification of leads through analysis of nurturing behaviour

What our customers say

Elisabeth Steuber

Elisabeth Steuber, Marketing Director, Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG

Bäumer Logo

„The automation of lead generation and qualification through Evalanche has significantly improved the interaction between our marketing and sales teams. Today, we meet for quarterly marketing-sales meetings, exchange ideas regularly, give feedback and optimise our measures. The tool offers us comprehensive possibilities to further our marketing and sales efforts for the future.“

Assess lead maturity more accurately

with arbitrarily granular activity & profile scoring

Increase your closing rate! Evaluate the data input and behaviour of your leads with regard to your defined sales targets and automatically adjust further actions accordingly. Use scoring values as triggers or conditions in your campaigns to qualify leads even better and to keep an eye on their maturity level. As a lead management tool Evalanche provides you with explicit and implicit lead scoring information throughout the entire lead management process, including the mapping of data for lead classification.


  • Profile scoring for ideal lead quality assessment
  • Activity & Content Scoring for valid behavioural data on the interest of your leads
  • Multivariate scoring with any number of scoring categories
  • Local and global scoring for client-specific or cross-client scoring

What our customers say

Andrea Hartmair

Andrea Hartmair, Chief Communications Officer of the BACHMANN Group

Bachmann Logo

„Thanks to Evalanche and e-raumwerk, we discovered Marketing Automation for ourselves and learned to love the numerous advantages within a short time. Marketing Automation has not only accelerated our processes, but also significantly increased the transparency of our leads and opened up new possibilities for their further processing. This allows us to offer our customers and prospects individual experiences with high added value. At the same time, the efficiency we have gained creates a new freedom for innovation and creativity.“

Smooth handover of your leads

thanks to automated marketing & sales processes

Ensure a smooth handover of every lead from marketing to sales, straight to the responsible. Send your sales department not only the qualified leads, but also their complete history with all profile and behavioural data. For lead routing, use either an automated email workflow from the lead management tool or data synchronisation with your CRM system. Never lose valuable time again when it comes to quickly closing an opportunity.


  • Standardised interfaces to various CRM systems
  • Alert management - via email push or automatically synchronised
  • Automatic matching to the right sales person
  • Email templates for contacting the sales department

What our customers say

Marcus Köhler

Marcus Köhler, Managing Director, e-raumwerk

e-raumwerk Logo

„Excellent handling, unsurpassed flexibility and a precisely working range of features regarding marketing automation and lead management make Evalanche a central tool for our strategy plans. The high level of innovation has made Kverneland Group Germany an industry pioneer in online customer communication. The company is now able to engage in relevant and highly personalised communication with its customers. This values the customer and is a clear advantage compared to our competition.“

Full lead management control

thanks to a wide range of options for monitoring success

Our lead management tool offers you numerous insights into your sales process and the decision-making processes of potential customers: thanks to the Sales Funnel Report, Campaign Milestones and the World Activity Globe, you are assured of the greatest possible transparency in lead management. Use the diverse analysis and reporting functions to get an overview of your business opportunities at all times and to keep all departments on the same level of knowledge. This allows you to optimise your lead management measures in a holistic and targeted manner - for faster closings and more turnover.


  • Visualisation of all scoring activities of all profiles with 3D globe
  • Observation and evaluation of the various lead activities in real time
  • Explicit scoring based on personas and segments
  • Automated lead routing when a certain threshold is reached

What our customers say

Andreas Hack

Andreas Hack, Head of Lead Management at CREATON

Creaton Logo

„Evalanche is the only system that meets the dynamics we require, which entails a modern lead campaign. Thanks to its numerous interfaces and connectors, it fits seamlessly into our existing IT system environment. The impressive result of our campaign proves that we made the right decision. The outstanding figures speak for themselves.“

The lead management tool for your sales accelerator

Sales automation as an add-on for sales success

With the Evalanche Sales Add-on, our lead management tool specifically supports your sales department in processing leads and opportunities as well as bringing them to a close quickly. In this way, you not only accelerate your sales processes, but also significantly shorten the sales cycle. Benefit at all times from a perfect overview of your opportunities and the existing potential. Take your lead management to the next level. Increase the productivity of your sales team and at the same time increase the turnover in your company - almost automatically.


  • Central customer data management
  • Bidirectional data synchronisation between customer and lead profiles
  • Holistic automated lead management process
  • Automation and relief of administrative sales tasks
  • Reports along the entire lead pipeline

What our customers say

Thomas Düker

Thomas Düker, Marketing & E-Business, AEB GmbH

AEB Logo

„We use Evalanche as a central tool for managing permissions. This means that all our email campaigns were handled with this tool and the returns were recorded. We mapped the scoring in Evalanche and also made the transfer to the sales support. It was relatively easy to implement our concept for the different scoring levels in Evalanche and to realise the transfer of face-to-face processing to sales - the ease of use is worth emphasising.“


Integrate our Lead Management Tool

seamless, simple, intelligent.

B2B companies need a flexible lead management too to ensure end-to-end lead processes and a smooth handover of mature leads from marketing to sales support. Evalanche can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT landscape and connects further systems and partners with ease. This paves the way to the future of new customer acquisition.

Evalanche offers you 100 % flexibility!

Manage clients with minimal effort

smart, effective, efficient.

Thanks to Evalanche's intelligent multi-client capability, you reduce your administrative efforts. This allows you to act smartly and agilely - across departmental, company or national borders. Automated roll-outs, one-click translations and other features of our tool save you valuable time and money.

Fully efficient client management!

Protect your valuable customer data

reliable, secure, DSGVO-compliant.

Our tool is "Made & hosted in Germany". With the Evalanche lead management software, you are therefore relying on a DSGVO-compliant solution and an ISO 27001-certified company that meets all requirements for data protection and data security. This means that you and your customer data are on the safe side at all times.

We guarantee the protection of your data!

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Frequently asked questions about the Lead Management Tool

What is a lead in sales?

In marketing and sales, a lead stands for an interested party or potential customer. A person is called a lead, for example, when they contact a company or signal their interest in a product or service. This can happen by filling out an online form and thus providing personal data in order to receive more detailed information. Companies collect and use this data to tailor their marketing efforts and convert leads into customers.

What does lead management mean?

Lead management encompasses all the measures that companies take to generate leads and convert them into customers. This process can be divided into different phases, including lead generation, nurturing, scoring, routing and reporting. After the definition of the goals pursued with lead management, the first step is lead generation. The customer data collected by marketing is then condensed, enriched and evaluated before it is passed on to the company's sales channels.

Why should you use lead management?

Lead management is worthwhile for many different reasons. The most important is probably that with the help of appropriate measures the leads generated can be directly processed - and can ultimately be passed on to the sales channels. If marketers know how to handle new leads, the probability that they will become customers increases. Further, through lead management companies ensure better cooperation between their teams and thus save both time and effort.

In addition, email marketing software facilitates customer communication. With regular mailings about offers and exciting news, B2B companies stay in their customers' minds - and encourage them to consider a purchase.

What is a lead management tool?

A lead management tool is used to digitise and automate the various tasks and measures of lead management. All relevant data from the individual phases can thus be stored and managed in one central location. In addition, employees of the marketing and sales teams can access it at any time, which makes lead management much more efficient. Lead management software can also have an interface to the CRM system used by the company or it can easily synchronise with it.

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Whatever your challenges at hand are, learn more about Evalanche and let yourself be blown away by the incredible possibilities of marketing automation for your business!

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