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Leads are a key for your success in newsletter and email marketing. Evalanche enables you to manage your lead management even more efficiently and effectively. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, our software is ready for use immediately without a long introduction. Evalanche combines lead generation, lead nurturing and controlling reporting in one platform.

  • Lead management through lead scoring and lead nurturing
  • Campaign management including email marketing, landing pages and social media via automated workflows
  • Marketing Automation Methods
  • Content marketing by definition of buyer personas
  • Integration of the sales force through CRM integration, email alerts and automated lead assignment
  • TÜV-certified according to ISO 27001

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Certified: Evalanche, the Lead Management Software

Modern lead management is compliant with data protection regulations

When you generate customer data, your users have the right to have this data stored and used securely. With the Evalanche Lead Management Tool, you are covered by TÜV-certificate (ISO 27001) that meets all the stringent requirements for data protection and data security. This means that you and your customers are on the safe side in every respect.

The advantages of an integrated lead management process

  • Your sales and marketing teams have a common demand funnel that is designed for predictable growth.
  • An accurate conversion focus: Your sales and marketing teams have precisely defined sales phases that help to continuously optimize your processes and achieve higher conversion rates.
  • A definition of the ideal customer profile: Your sales and marketing teams have a jointly agreed buyer definition.
  • Your sales and marketing teams have a seamless delivery interface to accompany buyers throughout their journey.

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From practice for practice: learning from success stories

From brochure customer to qualified contact: AEB’s content marketing strategy

The underlying idea of content marketing is to offer the prospective customer well-prepared and relevant content in exchange for profile enrichments in order to qualify the lead for Sales. The individual processes should run as automated as possible and be flexibly designed to facilitate the quick and easy integration of new content (click here to view PDF)

KUKA robot automates digital dialogue

The international B2B environment needs an email marketing system that is user-friendly and multilingual. Above all, it must be very highly automated and effective and efficient in terms of use and extension. Expenses can nevertheless rise dramatically when working intensively with the system (click here to view PDF)

Converting leads into customers in a targeted way

With a lead, you create an initial customer contact. Typically defined as, this is usually a name and an email address. Contact data of prospective customers and interested parties is a primary goal of lead generation. In order to be able to use data effectively, you need structured lead management. Regardless of the size of your company, managing and controlling leads requires a comprehensive overview and continuous optimization. It becomes even more important when further customer data is used for email and newsletter marketing Several thousand data records can be created quickly, requiring complex Big Data Marketing.

Lead generation with the lead management module

The following graphic illustrates the functionalities of the Marketing Automation and Lead Management tools:

Further functionalities:

  • Definition of target groups and "Buyer Personas" on the basis of activity or profile-based behaviour
  • Content mapping based on the various sales stages
  • Definition of workflows and triggered emails
  • Dynamic Qualification of the Lead by Analysis of the Nurturing Behaviour
  • Segmentation based on CRM fields
  • Personalized and dynamic forms and landing pages

lead nurturing

Lead Nurturing includes all measures taken by a company to address a prospective customer at the right time with relevant information, in line with the respective phase of the purchase decision in which the prospective customer is currently in. Activity and profile-based flows are developed in Evalanche to automatically supply your leads with relevant content on a regular basis.

Smart Profiling

Content Profiling and Profile Tagging

To understand the information and reading behavior, e. g. The configuration options have been extended to better understand the needs of newsletter recipients. The settings can now be made directly from the articles and news modules managed in Evalanche. Freely definable properties or attributes from the Evalanche data pool can now be selected and assigned with a click. By opening or clicking on the article, the recipient profile is then automatically extended accordingly.

More tips:

With these updated profile properties, you can ideally supplement the interest profile of your target groups on the basis of user behavior or explicitly assign the profile to a defined Buyer Persona during a buyer's trip by controlling content.

Progressive profiling for landing pages

To optimize the profile structure, input fields in landing pages can be displayed dynamically, depending on existing data. I. e. You only display the form fields that have not yet been filled in. This means, that interested parties are only asked for information which is not yet available. This significantly improves your conversion rate.

Website and ad personalization with real-time decisioning

Co-production with b. Relevant - Agile Digital Marketing Agency

SmartLinks make real-time decisions to deliver individual link targets to your users based on their profile. These can be media such as images, videos or audio, downloads or entire content areas on websites such as landing pages or advertising banners. This means that you can personalize websites or control banners for effective and targeted retargeting with the simplest of means, without having to make the otherwise necessary and costly intervention in template systems. Smart links are an ideal targeting supplement for any web CMS.


More tips:

SmartLinks also have the property of being able to enrich profiles, depending on which attribute from the Evalanche data pool was stored. The new scoring functionality is also supported.

Lead scoring

Multivariate Profile & Activity Scoring

An essential component of integrated lead management is the evaluation of leads, the so-called lead scoring. Evalanche now supports you with all common explicit and implicit lead scoring information such as profile scoring, activity scoring and content scoring over the entire lead management process up to data mapping for lead classification. In addition, you can connect external systems for collecting scoring information flexibly and conveniently via web service.

Profile, Activity & Content Scoring

Profile scoring: With profile scoring, you can evaluate the quality of leads on the basis of profile properties, such as the position in the company or the industry sector. You can use the explicit profile information or profile scoring to display Buyer Persona concepts.

More tips:

A classic method of lead scoring is BANT. The abbreviation stands for:

  •    budget
  •     authority
  •     need
  •     timeline

In other words, the prospective buyer must have a budget to buy from you; he or she must have decision-making authority; there must be a need in his or her company; and there should be a time when the purchase must be completed.

Activity & Content Scoring: With activity and content scoring you can validate the behavior of your leads based on their click behaviour and retention time within the communication. Registration forms and downloads are also seamlessly integrated.

More tips:

In principle, the BANT methodology is very useful, but it should be supplemented by an Activity & Content Scoring. Because today, many interesting leads are looking for information before they even have a budget or even determined a time when they want to buy. Larger corporate decisions are being prepared by downloading whitepapers, comparing websites or attending webinars.

More important for marketing on the Internet are therefore the aspects of lead scoring that affect the behavior of the leads:

  • How often does the lead visit your website?
  • Which whitepapers, data sheets etc. did he download/request?
  • What links did he click on in the newsletter or on the site?
  • Did he or she participate in webinars or chats or request a callback?

Important: It is important to derive from this information how interesting the lead is and what stage of the purchase process it is at.

This is only possible if you collect these characteristics over a longer period of time and then correlate them with correlate them with individual data.

Multi-variant scoring: With all scoring variants, you can have as many scoring categories as you like in parallel, for example, to compare different concepts with each other. Thanks to predefined sets, you can set up your first scoring in just a few minutes.

More tips:

In practice, two types of activity scoring are usually used. Either content scoring or scoring based on the customer journey of a profile - i. e. the scoring of activities that have led to the goal. Which method works better depends on several factors. The multivariate scoring allows a direct comparison and supports you to find the ideal scoring method for the respective use case.

Website Lead Scoring with WebTouchPoints

You can extend the lead scoring to any web page and add individual scoring values. To do this, you integrate the respective web pages almost automatically and with just a few clicks. In addition, Evalanche also takes into account the length of time spent on the pages and can assign individual scoring values.

More tips:

Are the TouchPoints e. g. anchored in important entry pages on the homepage such as prices, products, service, references, blog, etc., they help you to build up a holistic user engagement profile. In addition, you can derive which paths eventually led to an interaction and learn more about the habits of your "Buyer Personas".

World Activity Globe

The World Activity Globe visualizes all scoring activities of all profiles and arranges them in a three-dimensional, freely zoomable and rotating globe. (For V6 release in a reduced version)

Further functionalities:

  • Evaluation of the various online activities (e. g. form, event attendance, etc.)
  • Incremental increase of the implicit score after activity
  • Explicit scoring based on persona and segments
  • Lead routing when reaching a certain threshold value

Lead Routing

Lead routing refers to the handover of a lead from marketing to sales to the employee who will be responsible for it. Give your sales department only the qualified leads via an automated process. The sales department is informed by email when new leads are assigned to it. The leads are assigned to the right contact person and can be contacted immediately.

Further functionalities:

  • Alert management - via email push or automated synchronization
  • Automatic assignment of the correct sales employee
  • Email templates for sales contact
  • If required, use of a specialized solution for channel marketing is possible (lead distributor)

Persona Match

With the Persona Match function, Evalanche offers a controlling tool that enables editors to measure the relevance of content for predefined personas. In addition, it offers the possibility to carry out a plausibility check of the personas on the basis of the ready-made contents. Persona Match allows you to gradually improve personas and content to achieve optimal target group communication.

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Why companies choose Evalanche


Selected Newsletters from our Gallery

Using leads efficiently - Evalanche Lead Management Software

Generating leads means continuous work. It is essential for sustainable corporate success and at the same time an integral part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). But it is only through lead marketing that data is turned into conversions and contributes to the overall customer loyalty. With Evalanche you get an lead management tool that makes it easy for you to manage your customer contacts. At the same time, you have the opportunity to provide suitable solutions for your customers' needs in the form of landing pages or social media. The close connection to your CRM allows you to address customers at every stage of the customer journey, i. e. at every stage of the purchasing process. Our software simplifies and continuously optimizes the management and promotion of customer contact (lead nurturing). Evalanche also supports you in the classification of your customers according to purchase intentions and other interests (lead scoring), so that your mail campaigns are even more effective and distribution losses or high bounce rates are reduced.

How Evalanche supports you in lead generation and lead nurturing

At Evalanche, lead management is perfectly integrated into the system as a module. For example, with our software you can create buyer personas based on your customer data and use these target groups directly for lead scoring or lead nurturing. At the same time, these data sets can be used perfectly for various marketing campaigns. The software checks how well your content fits to the defined target groups and carries out a scoring for these personas and segments. At the same time, you can have your leads evaluated directly by Evalanche and extend the profile properties.

This enables you to achieve a significantly more precise sales approach in email marketing as well as in multi-channel or data-based campaigns. If you already rely on marketing automation, i. e. the automated playout of advertising media, Evalanche's lead management can also support you. Evalanche is also suitable for lead generation in B2C and B2B. With just one software, you can start a comprehensive opportunity management system that turns your leads into customers and buyers. Successful Lead Management with Evalanche - Utilize the full potential of your lead generation for a sustainable and long-term successful online marketing!

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