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The best Evalanche Campaign Designer ever!

With the new "Evalanche Campaign Designer" you can visualize marketing automation campaigns quickly, easily and professionally. Campaign planning made easy!

Your campaign management tool for Marketing Automation campaigns

With the new Evalanche Campaign Designer a completely revised, new version is now available. The campaign management tool now not only shines in a new design, but also with many new functionalities.
The new Campaign Designer will be available in an open beta from 20.03.2020. You can access it via a separate button in the Campaign Object in Evalanche. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

New Design

The new Campaign Designer lays the foundation for a modern and optimized user interface. Together with the new user interface and design, the usability and user experience has been improved.
So you can automate marketing processes for your optimal customer experience even easier and faster. The improved user feedback, the intuitive handling and the performance optimizations are only a small excerpt.

New drawing surface

The new Campaign Designer contains an optimized drawing surface that offers sufficient space. This allows you to implement unlimited marketing automation campaigns and maintain a complete overview.

Campaign Designer Evalanche

New nodes

In addition, you can use the new node "Copy to campaign" to copy profiles between campaigns and query their status e.g. with the (also new) function "Campaign completed". The new condition node "Check date" checks whether a profile enters the point before or after a date or before/after a certain time.

In addition, you can now perform location-based actions. If a profile is within a defined radius of a location, the profile can be provided with targeted e-mailings and information or the score can be increased. Why don't you try the selection "Within a radius"!

Evalanche Campaign Designer

Simple documentation & planning

In the new Campaign Designer a part of the modeling logic ECM is implemented. The "involved objects" give you the freedom to provide campaigns, no matter what complexity, with an easy to understand documentation.

The involved objects can be connected to the campaign nodes and show all users which system objects are needed. So it is quick and easy to see which objects interact and/or are linked to each other. This saves you complex written documentation and sometimes lengthy learning and explanation of connections. This saves you valuable time!

It also makes planning your campaign much easier, because you can see at a glance all system objects linked to the campaign node. This helps you to assign all system objects, such as e-mailings, articles, article templates and much more directly to your campaign.

Live statistics

Evalanche Campaign Designer - Live-StatistikenEvalanche Campaign Designer - Live StatisticsSurely you have already faced the challenge to find out which way profiles take through your marketing processes or through your campaign. The new Campaign Designer offers you the possibility to see exactly that at a glance. The line thickness shows you which route and which branches the majority of profiles have taken.

Furthermore, you can now see directly from the indicator which node has processed how many profiles and how many profiles are currently on it.

New: mobile use

Evalanche Campaign Designer - iPad-Nutzung

Work with the new Campaign Designer from anywhere - it was designed to be used on the iPad or tablet in addition to your computer and laptop. Simply plan and build campaigns from anywhere!

Questions, help or suggestions?

If you have any questions, need help or have suggestions regarding our Campaign Management Tool, please feel free to contact your sales contact, our support support@evalanche.com or visit the Evalanche Service Center, which you can reach via the "Help" in the system.

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