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KUKA Roboter
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Email Marketing Automation with Evalanche

Best-of-Breed Suite

Bring marketing and communications to a new level

Designed to meet the highest standards in terms of data protection and data security

Your needs are our motivation - that is why data protection and data security are our top priority. After all, we understand the importance of trust and professional protection of customer data. This is why Evalanche is now compliant with all the requirements of EU GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation).

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SC-Networks - producer of the Marketing Automation Platform Evalanche - has been certified to ISO 27001 for data protection and data security since 2015. In 2019 we were again successfully recertified by TÜV Hessen according to ISO/IEC 27001. Evalanche is made in Germany and the software that is loved and trusted  by marketers and salespeople.

ONe of the most innovative Platforms in Europe - Made in Germany

Over 5,000 companies in the B2B sector as well as more than 250 national and international agencies have been relying on Evalanche for years. Evalanche offers a broad range of uses - from conventional email marketing and newsletter software to the marketing automation module and lead management.

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Thanks to its multi-client capability, enterprise global manager, drag-and-drop and multi-lingual capabilities and many more features, Evalanche is intuitive, international and ready to use with its web application.

Digital transformation - goal-driven and automated

Best-of-breed or suite? With Evalanche, you can have both, as it combines email marketing, marketing automation and lead management in one of the most advanced and specialised software solutions, which is as versatile as a suite thanks to its numerous interfaces to CRM, CMS and e-commerce solutions of our partners. Standardised connectors enable rapid integration into your system environment.

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As an innovative SaaS solution without minimum run times, the initial costs are kept low and the software is ready for use straight away. The flexible and adaptable modules grow with you and your needs and can easily be adapted to changing requirements.


companies use Evalanche


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agencies rely on Evalanche

"Evalanche ensures maximum flexibility thanks to certified interfaces to external systems such as SAP CRM. What is more, it also offers central management of multi-variant and multi-language templates – for uniform international communication."


Dr. Andreas Bauer,
Director Marketing, KUKA Roboter GmbH

Premium email marketing automation with Evalanche

The Evalanche platform is intelligent, can be used intuitively and is highly adaptable. Which is what makes it ideal for medium-sized companies, mostly B2B companies that are acting in international markets and have to react to changing customer needs and market developments very quickly. Agencies, resellers and consultants also appreciate the functional possibilities of the multi-client capable platform. They use it for their own purposes as well as recommend it to their own customers. In addition to that, various German-speaking CRM, CMS and e-commerce software manufacturer prefer to add Evalanche to their technology stack. This enables them to offer email marketing, lead management and account-based marketing in compliance with data protection regulations to their own customers and partners.

Mobile and Cross Medial

Mobile and Cross Medial

Creating complex, cross-media newsletters has never been so easy for web editors - without requiring any programming knowledge: You can easily enter texts and images for your newsletter using the CMS-editor via a comfortable web interface. In addition, you only need one click and the Evalanche-Mobile Check checks whether your newsletters are optimally displayed using Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Android or Symbian OS. This makes it easy to create newsletters and emails that are automatically adapted for the respective devices.

Efficient with drag & drop

With just a few simple actions you can, for example, replace the cover image of your e-mail or newsletter, edit the introductory text or change the order of your articles. You can simply move the articles in the visual editor with the mouse using drag & drop and see immediately how the e-mail will be displayed to your recipients.

Efficient with drag & drop
Live tracking and statistics

Live tracking and statistics

The latest technologies in Evalanche allow you to observe the first customer behaviour results in real-time, during ongoing dispatch. Upon completion, you receive detailed statistical analyses providing you with information about the exact behaviour of your customers. In addition, it is easy for you to compare the results of your campaigns, such as opening rates, etc., with the branch average. This gives you valuable clues about possible optimisation measures for your mailings.

Campaign Designer

You can use Campaign Designer in Evalanche to create automated campaigns quickly and easily. Campaign Designer combines business process management methodologies and flexible object configuration in Evalanche. With the campaign module, you can use the drag-and-drop function to configure the individual modules based on your desired processes. With the clear configuration menu, you can quickly create comprehensive campaigns and run them in a fully automated fashion.  

Campaign Designer
Campaign Designer

Profiles and Activity SCORING

With Profile Scoring, you can evaluate the quality of leads based on profile properties such as a person’s position in a company or the industry sector. You can use the explicit profile information or profile scoring to display Buyer Persona concepts. With Activity and Content Scoring you can validate the interests of your leads based on their click and information behavior.

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The date of entry into force is 25th May 2018: the new General Data Protection Regulation shall be effective henceforth. It shall take effect on 25/05/2016 in all member states of the European Union (EU), and the transition period will soon come to an end. 

Dec 7 Intelligent, automated and more efficient – the new Evalanche V7

React agile to the constantly increasing speed of innovation and unfold your maximum potential in marketing and sales. Evalanche V7 enables you to master digital transformation and implement intelligent marketing automation in compliance with data protection requirements.

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