Evalanche Email Marketing Automation Highlights

User Interface Evalanche Campaign Designer

Campaign Designer

The Evalanche Campaign Designer allows you to easily model in a visual working environment via drag and drop. It combines business process management methodologies with the flexibility of Evalanche object configurations related to a recipient profile. This allows the creation of integrated sequences and at the same time very easy mapping of profile logics in a single process.

lead pages

Lead pages are used for the efficient generation of leads within lead management campaigns or marketing automation scenarios. Evalanche generates highly-optimised landing pages that adapt to the end device (mobile/desktop) and user profile in real time and display its content individually and personalised.

Smart Data & Profiling

Evalanche offers different types of profiling to optimise the profile structure and to improve the capture information and reading behaviors of subscribers - from content profiling to profiling (interest) tagging and progressive profiling (automatic display of data fields) for landing pages.

Profiles, Activity & Content Scoring

With Profile Scoring, you can evaluate the quality of leads based on profile properties such as the position in the company or the industry sector. You can use the explicit profile information or profile scoring to display Buyer Persona concepts. With Activity and Content Scoring you can validate the behavior of your leads based on their click and information behavior.



Persona Match

With the Persona Match function, Evalanche offers a controlling tool, that enables editors to measure the relevance of content for predefined personas. Conversely, it is possible to check the plausibility of the personas based on individualised content. Thanks to Persona Match, personas and content can be optimised step by step to achieve optimal target group communication.

Multivariate Scoring

An essential component of integrated lead management is the evaluation of leads, the so-called lead scoring. Evalanche now supports you with all common explicit and implicit lead scoring information such as profile scoring, activity scoring and content scoring over the entire lead management process up to data mapping for lead classification. In addition, you can connect external systems for collecting scoring information flexibly and conveniently via web service. Thanks to preset presets, you can set up your first scoring in just a few minutes.

User interface via drag and drop

Homepage, 3D reporting and all navigation elements can be individually configured using drag and drop.The new user interface makes Evalanche compatible both for end devices with small screens and also for large presentation screens.

Webform Config. via drag and drop

Evalanche generates high-quality address data for you and keeps it up to date at all times. With the integrated web form configurator, you can create new web forms for address input intuitively and quickly by dragging and dropping - without any programming skills. The configurator provides the flexibility you are accustomed to in terms of field configurations, logic of linking and concatenation, individual appearance, etc.



The calendar provides you with an overview of all upcoming appointments and actions of e-mailings, which can be opened and edited directly with a click. In addition, notes can also be stored for specific data. With appropriate shares, the calendar can also be subscribed to by Outlook or Apple Calendar.

Smart Profiling

Freely definable properties or attributes from the Evalanche data pool can be selected and assigned by click. By opening or clicking on the article, the recipient profile is the automatically extended accordingly. To optimise the profile structure, input fields can be displayed dynamically on landing pages depending on existing data. This means that you only allow the display of fields that have not been completed yet.

Address Generation and Lead Qualification

Evalanche generates high-quality address data for you and keeps this up-to-date at all times. With the integrated web form configurator you can intuitively create new web forms for address input by using drag & drop – entirely without any programming effort or HTML knowledge.

World Activity Globe

The World Activity Globe visualizes all scoring activities of all profiles and arranges them in a three-dimensional, freely zoomable and rotating globe. Changes in value over time are displayed animated.

Mobile Live View

For your mobile devices, we offer optimised live statistics that inform you – almost in real time – on the current status of your campaigns. Our live cockpit provides you with both an overview and detailed KPI information on your campaigns at any time, if needed.

DeepL integration for text translation

In Evalanche you now have the possibility to translate articles completely and automatically into up to nine languages - German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Portuguese.

E-Learning Platform

Online training programs on-demand: individual, time and location independent learning

The new e-learning concept, which was developed by SC-Networks and e-raumwerk in 2018, should enable users to use the Saas solution Evalanche competently for the successful use of the software. The concept is based on the individual and flexible use for users. On-demand trainings can be carried out as needed, independent of time and location and even offline.
Start here directly: https://evalanche.e-raumwerk.de/

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