EVALANCHE Email Marketing Automation Highlights

Campaign Designer

Multivariant Lead Scoring

Enterprise Interactive Dashboard

Mobile Live View

Smart Profiling

Lead App

For your mobile devices, we offer optimised live statistics that inform you – almost in real time – on the current status of your campaigns. Our live cockpit provides you with both an overview and detailed KPI information on your campaigns at any time, if needed.

User interface via drag and drop

Flexible Crossmedia-Newsletter

Address generation and lead qualification

Quality through e-mail client preview

Mobile preview

Social sharing for more reach

Live text analysis for optimised content

Image personalisation for greater relevance

Read out newsletter

Multi-variant split campaign test

Dynamic automatic sorting of articles

Attention analysis with eye tracking

Live tracking and statistics

Industry comparison

Pinpoint precision with geotargeting

Open architecture for independence

Global Enterprise Manager

Multi-Customer Management

Profile, Activity & Content Scoring

Multivariantes Scoring

World Activity Globe

With Profile Scoring, you can evaluate the quality of leads based on profile properties such as the position in the company or the industry sector. You can use the explicit profile information or profile scoring to display Buyer Persona concepts. With Activity and Content Scoring you can validate the behavior of your leads based on their click and information behavior.



An essential component of integrated lead management is the evaluation of leads, the so-called lead scoring. Evalanche now supports you with all common explicit and implicit lead scoring information such as profile scoring, activity scoring and content scoring over the entire lead management process up to data mapping for lead classification. In addition, you can connect external systems for collecting scoring information flexibly and conveniently via web service. Thanks to preset presets, you can set up your first scoring in just a few minutes.

The World Activity Globe visualizes all scoring activities of all profiles and arranges them in a three-dimensional, freely zoomable and rotating globe. Changes in value over time are displayed animated.

Webformular Konfig. via Drag&Drop


Evalanche generates high-quality address data for you and keeps it up to date at all times. With the integrated web form configurator, you can create new web forms for address input intuitively and quickly by dragging and dropping - without any programming skills. The configurator provides the flexibility you are accustomed to in terms of field configurations, logic of linking and concatenation, individual appearance, etc.


The calendar provides you with an overview of all upcoming appointments and actions of e-mailings, which can be opened and edited directly with a click. In addition, notes can also be stored for specific data. With appropriate shares, the calendar can also be subscribed to by Outlook or Apple Calendar.

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