Evalanche Professional Service

As a specialised provider of premium e-mail marketing services, we guarantee high system availability, top performance, the highest security standards and fast service reaction times. Our Customer Care advisors and staff are there for you, even if your company has specialised requirements

Data preparation and import service

We offer a special import service for preparing and importing profiles from third-party systems that allows you to use a high-quality base of address data right from the start.

Design, template programming and presets

You can count on our experts during your company’s initial setup of an EVALANCHE account. As needed they will set up the desired parameters for your planned mailings, including the right default settings, designs, templates and import profile data, and create additional accounts for different company units subsumed under the company account..

Training courses and webinars

Our customer advisers and experienced trainers ensure that your staff members learn how to use EVALANCHE. We turn you into e-mail marketing professionals through seminars, on-the-job training and live webinars.

Consulting: Strategy and data synchronisation

We offer additional consulting services for the necessary strategic planning and automated data synchronisation with third-party systems using EVALANCHE connectors the web services SOAP and XML/RPC. EVALANCHE can thus be integrated nearly seamlessly into any existing IT infrastructure.

Data protection, back-up and performance

Evalanche runs as a SaaS (software as a service) in established TÜV-certified data centres with the highest standards of security. A detailed security document outlines all of our rules and measures for data protection, internal security with multiple emergency backup and for secure IP service centres, system software and applications.

International whitelisting

Our membership in the German Direct Marketing Association (DDV), the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and our close relationships with major service providers ensures you of maximum quality and of a very high mail delivery rate thanks to whitelisting.

Support, maintenance and administration

We offer you comprehensive professional user support by e-mail and telephone, free-of-charge. And a response time of 4 hours. Immediate support as necessary for “project emergencies” until the problem is resolved.

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