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Marketing automation with unique e-mail marketing power

Evalanche boasts extensive and powerful marketing automation features that are used in B2B or B2C scenarios on a daily basis. And is one of the most modern web-based e-mail marketing automation solutions on the European market – featuring an open architecture for international use and the highest productivity requirements. Specialising in targeted marketing campaigns, Evalanche supports you effectively in the acquisition of new customers as well as the interactive and cross-media dialogue with existing customers.

  • Configure fully automated campaigns with the campaign designer
  • Create customised landing pages with individualised lead pages
  • Optimise your communication via automated processes
  • Communicate simultaneously via different touchpoints and channels
  • Automate your processes for your lead or lifecycle management

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Customer development based on relevance

Constantly refined individualised communication with highly relevant topics creates the basis of trust required for a long-term customer loyalty. We support your profile construction with user-friendly web forms, powerful interfaces to CRM and shop systems as well as useful analysis tools. Let Evalanche help you convert your prospects into
loyal regulars.

Case studies

From brochure customer to qualified contact: AEB’s content marketing strategy

The underlying idea of content marketing is to offer the prospective customer well-prepared and relevant content in exchange for profile enrichments in order to qualify the lead for Sales. The individual processes should run as automated as possible and be flexibly designed to facilitate the quick and easy integration of new content (click here to view PDF)

KUKA robot automates digital dialogue

The international B2B environment needs an e-mail marketing system that is user-friendly and multilingual. Above all, it must be very highly automated and effective and efficient in terms of use and extension. Expenses can nevertheless rise dramatically when working intensively with the system (click here to view PDF)

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Marketing Automation – Keyfeatures and Highlights

Campaign Designer

The campaign designer combines business process management methodologies with the flexibility of Evalanche object configurations related to a recipient profile. This allows you to create and implement holistic campaigns and communication links quickly, easily and automatically.All objects and parameters can be edited within the Campaign Designer via configuration menus, helping you keep track of all the individual processes involved with more complex campaign links too.


LeadPages are used for efficient lead generation as part of lead management campaigns or marketing automation scenarios. In doing so, Evalanche generates highly optimised landing pages that adapt in real time to suit the respective terminal device (mobile/desktop) and user profile and display all content in an individualised and personalised manner.

Dynamic and Automatic Sorting of Articles

Our article individualisation helps you provide your news, press releases or invitations with so-called relevance features and assign them to target groups. When sending, the system then automatically puts the most relevant content together and positions it individually for each recipient.


Our new partnership with PIN Digital allows you to contact your customers automatically, now including via print (letter, brochure or card) – of course, personalised and individualised, check the delivery status as well as measure and manage the offline success via a personalised feedback channel. Powered by PinMail

Sending Time Optimisation

Sending time optimisation allows Evalanche to determine the optimal sending time, based on the recipient’s individual profile history. Sending time optimisation ensures sending on the individually optimal day and for the individually most efficient time.


The conversion funnel allows you to represent any number of logically consecutive conversions in order to visualize conversion rates and identify possible optimisation potentials. The individual conversions can be freely defined.

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Your introduction to the topic of marketing automation

The best introduction to the topic of “marketing automation/lead management” powered by b.relevant

  • Half-day workshops with various experts
  • Your company’s scoring: 16 success factors for marketing automation
  • Bookable as an open or company-specific workshop
What you get out of it

  • Knowledge transfer / understanding of the topic and functional interrelationships
  • Classification / recognition of relevance for your own company
  • Assessability / solution ability for your own marketing and sales objectives
  • Positioning / determination of your “readiness” for marketing automation
  • Recommendations / best possible introduction and optimal implementation


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