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Evalanche is the first email marketing solution designed specifically for agencies and email marketing service providers. The results of more than ten years of cooperation with agencies are:

  • Multi-client capability with continuous customer management
  • Adaptable, independent and expandable
  • High productivity and excellent value added
  • Successful application with hundreds of renowned customers
  • TÜV-certified according to ISO 27001

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Certified: Evalanche, the software for agencies

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Agency solution

New standards on a solid basis

This makes Evalanche one of the most advanced e-marketing technologies in Europe. The solution is certified according to the guidelines of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and subject to the Code of Ethics for legally compliant permission marketing of the German Dialogue Marketing Association (DDV). Based on a safe and efficient infrastructure, we offer you an unprecedented partnership model – economically and contractually attractive – for successful acquisition of new customers with high-quality customer loyalty.

We see ourselves as a technology partner for our customers.

Why agencies love Evalanche

White label

Customer retention under your own logo

With the white label version of Evalanche you can design and offer your own agency system. The entire system interface can be adapted to the appearance of your company and to that of your customers with simple means. In the process, we dispense with our own Evalanche branding.

Independent pricing

You thus showcase yourself to your customers with your own product and we remain in the background as a reliable technology partner. In the design of your own price model, there are no specifications from our side for fixed commission rates.



Multi-client capability

The specialisation of Evalanche on agencies is based, among other things, on a coherent multi-client capability that has been implemented right from the start. Many systems merely pool individual adjacent accounts to form a group for several clients.
The disadvantage in such solutions becomes clear when overarching activities are necessary – e.g. the inclusion of modified or new sample templates for all customers.

Consistent customer administration

Evalanche organises all your customers hierarchically underneath your agency account. Overarching activities can therefore be carried out by mouse click with considerably reduced effort. You yourself define which functionalities your customers can use. A differentiated system of rights creates clearly defined work areas and usage rights – both for your own employees and for your customers and their employees.

Open architecture

Specialised in agencies

The scope of functionality and usability are uncompromisingly optimised to the work flow of agencies and emarketing service providers. With one of the most modern content management solutions for cross-media communication, you can implement both standard scenarios and complex individual requirements efficiently and to a high quality. The focus here is on simple operability for you and your customers.

Adaptable and independent

You can adjust and extend all templates – for newsletters and emailings, web forms and landing pages – independently and in any way you wish. We also offer interfaces and programming languages in order to also meet the special tasks of your customers. This makes you independent across the board.

One-click set-up

It could not be easier

You can set up Evalanche entirely on your own for your customers without any involvement on our part – and without any programming knowledge whatsoever. Necessary adaptations of web forms and newsletter templates are possible within a very short space of time based on the sample environment which is also supplied.

Full-value and free-of-charge

This adapted sample environment can then be used by your customers in full. It can be extended as you wish in the event of any changes in requirements. You can thus implement complex campaigns for email marketing and address generation in a very short space of time. You do not pay any set-up fees to us; you settle your services entirely independently with your customers.

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Areas of use

Evalanche has been in use at renowned agencies since 2000 – with demonstrable success in thousands of regional and international e-marketing campaigns. You benefit from our partner model both in a commercial sense and also through the clear delimitation of our services. We offer the technical platform for an absolutely autonomous usage. The full service potential belongs unconditionally to our agency partners – for the following typical areas of use:

Email and newsletter marketing

Evalanche supports you with all functions for the planning and implementation of email marketing campaigns for:

  • Cross-media newsletter
  • Stand-alone and info mailings
  • Multi-stage email campaigns (life-cycle mailings)
  • Reminder and birthday mailings (trigger mailings)
  • Confirmation mails, password requests (transaction mailings)
  • E-cards and online voting
  • Voucher mailings and customer club
  • Press reports and investor relations
  • Seminar and training registrations
  • RSS and ATOM feeds
  • Podcasts, audio and video mailings

Address generation, profile structure and qualification

For address generation and its qualification, Evalanche offers a convenient and flexible form generator that is easy to operate for:

  • Marketing automation
  • Lead Management
  • Landing pages (forms)
  • Profile structure (forms)
  • Contact enquiries and online registrations
  • Order and booking enquiries
  • Market and customer surveys
  • Competitions and prize draws
  • Recommendations (tell-a-friend)
  • Validation forms
  • Call-back and info service
  • Cooperation campaigns
  • Online applications
  • My Profile Centre (profile updating)

Lead management solution

The powerful Evalanche Email marketing platform has been expanded to become a professional lead management solution – including lead scoring and lead nurturing and content marketing modules with persona-based content development and analysis.

A combo package including consulting, implementation and product functionality offers the following options:

  • Lead management with lead scoring and lead nurturing
  • Campaign management including email marketing, landing pages and social media via automated workflows
  • Marketing automation methods
  • Content marketing through definition of buyer personas
  • Integration of sales through CRM integration, email alerts and automated lead assignment
  • Data management

Customised sales model

What do we do for your success?

The overriding goal of our partner model is a clear separation of responsibilities: We concentrate purely on the further development and the support of Evalanche and actively support you in the acquisition of new customers. You assume the full implementation of the project and the customer support.

Free-of-charge own usage

We will give you free-of-charge usage for your company’s own email marketing – without limits. You can thus expand your sales power actively and without additional costs.

Communication of customer enquiries

We forward enquiries from potential agency customers to us directly to regionally and thematically suitable partners. We do not act as a competitor; instead, we support you as a technology partner in the background .

Current information at all times

You will receive up-to-date information from us at all times on trends, tips and tricks as well as checklists, presentations and sample contracts relating to email marketing and Evalanche for the support of your sales team .

Lucrative price models

We offer the necessary leeway in the design of your billing models – on the basis of the following variants with monthly system rent (ASP):

  • usage-dependent: Price model that is individually adapted to the requirements of your customers
  • unlimited: System and service flat rate – independent of the individual usage

Comprehensive support

  • Professional user support (second-level)
  • Problem elimination within 4 hours
  • Emergency coverage and quality assurance
  • “Training on the job” – training courses for users and developers

Flexibility and additional turnover potential

  • You and not your customer are our contractual partner
  • The set-up fee for customers/clients belongs to you
  • integrated sample scenarios for your customers
  • No minimum contractual term


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