KUKA Roboter automates digital DIALOGUE

The international B2B environment needs an e-mail marketing system that is user-friendly and that supports multiple languages. Most importantly, it must by highly automated and allow for effective and efficient deployment and expansion. Still, complexity can increase dramatically when working intensively with a system. This is the case, for example, when creating new campaigns, making changes or when integrating new languages into the system. All of this consumes valuable resources.

KKUKA: an international leader in industrial robotics

Based in Augsburg, Germany, KUKA Roboter GmbH is part of the KUKA Aktiengesellschaft (public company) and ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robots. The company’s core competencies are the development, production and sale of industrial robots, controllers and software. With approximately 2,000 employees around the world, the company is the market leader in Germany and Europe and is third in the world. The company has 25 subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia.

Managing customer relationships with e-mail marketing

Managing customer relationships with e-mail marketing

One of the main tasks involved with e-mail marketing is the automated communication between KUKA and its potential customers in order to develop, reinforce and revitalise customer relationships. In the past, e-mail marketing was mostly used in a way that did not take into consideration the possibility of interaction. The opportunities for lead generation were not exhausted.

the requirements

A single solution for all offices An e-mail marketing solution suitable for all locations needs to be available internationally in the form of ‘software as a service’ and in a variety of different languages. The content management system (CMS) and browser has to be userfriendly in order to minimise phase-in and training costs. The multi-client capability for the purposes of differentiating the structures of the different subsidiaries must be ensured to the same degree as the simple exchange of content between the clients and translators. It should be possible to add more forms, languages and e-mailings at a later point in time. There also needs to be a way for centrally managing the approval and release of templates and content. Finally, it should be possible to integrate the existing CRM. High availability and TÜV-certified security and quality standards are crucial as well.

Attracting new customers through marketing automation

KUKA uses its newsletter and offline media to generate cross-media newsletter subscribers on different platforms such as websites, social media pages and recommendations from others. All of these sources must be incorporated into the e-mail marketing system. Complexity increases with each additional language. To provide an overview of this complex scenario, there needs to be away to visually illustrate the lines of communication in the form of a flowchart. After all, qualification and enrichment of the master data is crucial for the successful nurturing of leads, creating actual customers from potential customers.

the implementation

EThere is already a connection to a KUKA-specific CRM system. In order for KUKA to continue providing a high level of flexibility, the software ideally supports certified interfaces such as SAP-CRM, making it possible to integrate with third-party systems very quickly.

Central templates for all languages and campaigns

While adapting the new e-mail marketing solution to the KUKA requirements, the open architecture of the software allows for a unique approach: A single master object stored centrally provides for simple and flexible management of different languages and versions. Therefore, multi-version and multi-language templates can be developed with ease: the editor accesses only a single, central template and selects the desired language or template version.

the advantages

Less effort for editors and developers

If you wanted to add another language, conventional systems from other makers require you to copy all templates and then modify and translate them into the particular language. This causes the number of templates to multiply with each additional language and makes it nearly impossible to manage all of these in a simple way. Our approach is different because you are only required to create and localise a single new master object, which requires considerably less effort. The central data management in the master objects ensures standardised communication throughout the entire enterprise and reduces potential sources of error. This greatly simplifies work for editors and designers and significantly reduces the effort involved in creating a new language version. International campaigns can be harmonised with great precision and can be planned and carried out quickly and easily. Companies such as KUKA Roboter use EVALANCHE for lead generation campaigns and for sending out their newsletters to keep their international customers informed about innovations and products.