Overview of functions

Dynamic user interface

  • Multilingualism of the user interface (DE, EN, FR, IT, ES)
  • Company-specific appearance of the platform possible
  • Simple usability through AJAX components
  • Drag & drop with the newsletter- and form generation
  • Individual dashboard with key metrics
  • Visually create and edit campaigns by Campain Designer

Campaign creation

  • Visual campaign planning
  • Fully automated campaign execution
  • Sending elements (email opened, website visited,...)
  • Action elements (send e-mail, wait, send letter,...)
  • Start and end conditions

Marketing Automation

  • Configurable automated processes
  • Address generation via dynamic lead pages
  • Lead scoring via profile scoring
  • Lead scoring via activity scoring
  • Lead scoring via content scoring
  • Multivariant scoring
  • Website scoring with WebTouchPoints
  • Scoring matrix evaluations
  • Mapping of lead nurturing campaigns
  • Lead routing (push e-mail service and synchronization)
  • Funnel visualization
  • Content profiling
  • Profile tagging
  • Lead app

Statistics and analysis

  • Individually configurable statistics with graphical analysis
  • Opening, click and delivery behaviour
  • Geographical analysis
  • Social media analysis
  • Click position analysis
  • Industry comparison
  • Course of campaign (address generation)
  • Trends and circumstances
  • Individual analysis
  • Mobile live view

Address management

  • Individual database configuration
  • Several data pools can be administered centrally
  • Central data management for third party system connection
  • Dynamic profile structure through web forms
  • Transparent administration of large address databases
  • Automatic avoidance of duplicates
  • Manual post-processing of addresses per browser
  • Depiction of international characters (UTF-8)
  • Differentiated target group creation
  • Address segmentation across clients
  • Automatic geocoding of addresses

Quality assurance

  • Flow chart: Visualisation of all links and processes in the system via a flow chart
  • Depiction check: Checks correct depiction of content (mail clients / freemailers incl. iOS & android clients)
  • Spam check: Checks the spam rating based on different spam tools and prevents the newsletter being classified as spam
  • Inbox monitoring Determines the deliverability of the newsletter to the world’s most important providers (in preparation)
  • Eye tracking: Visualises the areas in the different media (newsletter, landing page) with maximum attention
  • Individualisation check: Checks the correct individualisation of the newsletter content
  • Link check: Checks links for reachability
  • Code check Checks the HTML code for W3C conformity
  • Test dispatch Dispatch to specially set-up test target groups
  • Subject lines check for e-mail and Mobile Clients
  • Text analysis of barriers according to BITV 2.0

Dispatch management

  • Target-group specific mailings
  • Personalised and individualised e-mail, PDF dispatch
  • Dispatch of text/HTML mails
  • Time-controlled start of e-mail campaigns
  • Management of dispatch speed
  • A/B splitting – feedback comparison of campaigns
  • Test dispatch to special target groups
  • Provider-dependent dispatch strategies
  • Dynamic document personalisation by PDF (web-to-print)
  • Automated hard and soft bounce recognition with filtering
  • Black list monitoring and white list at ISPs
  • Dispatch quantity limitation possible

Content management and media centre

  • High-performance maintenance of elaborate HTML newsletter with the aid of templates without programming knowledge
  • Scalable mobile email templates
  • Newsletter article administration for the simple creation of complex newsletters
  • Image transformer for the automatic generation of newsletter graphics in special resolutions and formats
  • Integrated media centre for the administration of newsletter graphics
  • Dynamic graphics generation for fonts without special graphic programmes
  • Integrated HTML editor for the free design of HTML newsletters
  • Integration of form and landing page variables for pre-completed form fields
  • DeepL integration for text translation in up to 9 languages

Newsletter functions

  • Personalisation and individualisation of all content
  • Dynamically generated landing pages for newsletter articles
  • Dynamically generated TEXT newsletter for multi-part dispatch
  • Dynamically generated WEB newsletter
  • Dynamically generated PDF newsletter with long texts of the articles (print-optimised)
  • Dynamically generated PDF newsletter articles (print-optimised)
  • Dynamically generated RSS feed for reading with RSS reader
  • All newsletters and PDF documents can be freely designed on the basis of templates
  • Individualisation through own programming languages (TAL)
  • Pre-completed contact and order forms can be integrated
  • Functions: Table of contents, recommend, log out, edit own profile
  • Automatic transformation of image size for newsletter articles
  • Provider-dependent subject line allocation for optimum depiction

Web form configurator

  • Simple creation of individual web forms
  • Linking and chaining of web forms and mailings incl. flow charts for marketing automation campaigns
  • Use of all usual form elements
  • Free design scope through own personalisable templates
  • Check of input for plausibility
  • Form creation via editor – without programming knowledge with free graphical design
  • Competition agent blockers with competition forms
  • Multilingual form configurator
  • Statistical relationship of form views with registrations and deregistrations
  • Recognition of wrong entries (e.g. input of a wrong postcode or invalid e-mail address)
  • Address confirmation procedure of the input (single opt-in, double opt-in, confirmed opt-in)
  • Unlimited number of forms per database
  • Progressive profiling (dynamic display of form fields)

Focusing on target group

  • Differentiated address selection for each campaign
  • Statistical analysis of address databases – graphical and tabular
  • Target group configuration via several databases
  • Evaluation of behaviour and basic characteristics

Dispatch reporting and feedback analysis

  • Automatic feedback analysis in “real-time” mode
  • Analysis of click behaviour (link tracking) in the newsletter and with web forms and landing pages
  • Analysis of the opening behaviour: Impression tracking
  • Graphical depiction of course of mailing and feedback
  • Generation of reports

Multi-client capability

  • Administration of several clients / accounts
  • System can be used as a white label (under own look and feel)
  • Global invoice insight for all clients
  • Individual interface design of the client access (customer logs and colours)
  • Multi-domain management
  • Central template, content and data pool administration
  • One-click set-up for efficient set-up of clients

Enquiry management

  • Automatic control of enquiries via web forms
  • Specific forwarding to persons responsible
  • Individual preparation of content of the enquiries for employees
  • Controlling forwarding according to content-related conditions
  • Data preparation as CSV and Excel possible
  • Depiction of complex campaign structures, e.g. collective campaigns

User management

  • Individual award of roles and rights for all system users
  • Logging of the critical system activities
  • Work flow management
  • Global user management

Import/Export of data

  • Import of address data from Excel, CSV and XML documents
  • Export of address data as a CSV document

Security and performance

  • User-specific security policies
  • 2 factor authentication via USB key for additional security
  • Automatic, time-controlled back-up that can be sent on request to a certain back-up address
  • TLS for a reliably encrypted communication
  • Daily back-up in the data centre
  • High-performance multi-processor systems for high-performance working
  • Comparison of Robinson list
  • Code of honour through membership in German Direct Marketing Association (DDV)
  • CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) certification
  • TÜV Certification (ISO 27001)
  • SAP Certification


  • Web service interface via XML/RPC for the connection to enterprise resource planning, CRM and e-commerce systems
  • Interfaces to the configuration (API) and to the address management
  • Content-import interface (web to e-mail marketing)
  • Reporting API
  • Closed loop API
  • Event based control of Web services
  • Various new basic and advanced connectors to ERP systems, CRM and eCommerce systems
  • Evalanche Integration Suite powered by Taskcentre

Service Centre

  • Integrated support area for customers
  • Sample concepts and application examples
  • Sample newsletter and configurations
  • Help, tips and tricks, FAQs

ASP system

Our system is provided via the Internet on the basis of application service providing (ASP) and/or SaaS (software as a service). This makes it possible for you to use our solution with a commercially available browser immediately – without high investment costs for software, hardware and infrastructure.

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