Evalanche V6 – The whole world of e-mail marketing automation


The privacy-compliant Evalanche V6 Suite (made in Germany) combines the best of various worlds. It offers marketers a flexible and powerful solution ranging from e-mail marketing to marketing automation through to lead management – all combined in one of the most modern systems in Europe.

Companies wanting to generate more and better leads in compliance with rights and data protection, while using different channels in different languages, will find what they are looking for with Evalanche V6. The new version of Evalanche provides a rich feature set that, if needed, can be expanded into a customised suite with various specialised solution add-ons such as for data quality, address and content synchronisation, e-letter (smart direct mail), product information management, business intelligence or sales cockpit. The agile solution that marketers have been waiting for all along has finally arrived!

Campaign Designer


The campaign designer combines business process management methodologies with the flexibility of Evalanche object configurations related to a recipient profile. This allows you to easily and quickly create and automatically implement holistic campaigns and communication links. All objects and parameters can be edited within the campaign designer via configuration menus, helping you keep track of all the individual processes involved with more complex campaign links too.

Lead Pages

LeadPages are used for efficient lead generation as part of lead management campaigns or marketing automation scenarios. In doing so, Evalanche generates highly optimised landing pages that adapt in real time to suit the respective terminal device (mobile/desktop) and user profile and display all content in an individualised and personalised manner.

World Activity Globe

The world activity globe visualises all the scoring activities of all the profiles and arranges them on a three-dimensional, freely zoomable and rotatable globe. Value changes over time are shown with animation.


The calendar provides you an overview of all upcoming dates and actions involving e-mailings, which can be opened and edited directly with a click. Notes for certain types of data can also be stored. With the appropriate approvals, the calendar can also be subscribed to from Outlook or Apple Calendar.

Funnel Visualisation

The conversion funnel allows you to represent any number of logically consecutive conversions in order to visualise conversion rates and identify possible optimisation potentials. The individual conversions are freely defined via target groups.

Sending Time Optimisation

Sending time optimisation allows Evalanche to determine the optimal sending time, based on the recipient’s individual profile history. Sending time optimisation ensures sending on the individually optimal day and for the individually most efficient time.

Persona Match

The persona match function allows Evalanche to offer a controlling tool that helps editors measure the relevance of content for predefined personas. Conversely, it provides the ability to perform a plausibility check of personas based on assembled content. Thanks to the persona match, personas and content can be gradually improved in order to achieve optimum target group communication.

Smart Direct Mail

Our new partnership with PIN Digital allows you to contact your customers automatically, now including via print (letter, brochure or card) – of course, personalised and individualised, check the delivery status as well as measure and manage the offline success via a personalised feedback channel. Powered by PIN Digital

Business Intelligence – Data Visualisation

The analytics tool allows you to create complex metrics, your own evaluations and multidimensional pivot tables easily. As usual with Evalanche, the graphical user interface is easy to use, while providing all the functions required for professional data analysis. Visualise your data on interactive dashboards, monitor your marketing performance in real time or track your KPIs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Powered by Datapine

Inbox Placement Monitor

Our new inbox placement monitor service shows you exactly where deliverability problems occur, based on the respective provider. With detailed information on delivery time, sending IP address, ISP filter result, DKIM and SPF, you are provided with the basis for quickly identifying and fixing any problems that arise. The seedlist-based technology uses statistical extrapolations to calculate the inbox mail rates for all your e-mail campaigns. The inbox placement monitor gives you the option of representing national distributions by means of weighting. Powered by senderproof

Sales Cockpit

As an interface to sales, the sales cockpit gives you the option of representing lead management holistically. The leads generated and qualified in Evalanche can be conveniently managed for post-processing and further communication.

The sales cockpit can help your entire company benefit from better customer relationships, thus increasing sales and customer satisfaction as well as making your e-mail marketing and lead management more efficient. Already using a CRM? Then you can use our sales cockpit to get off to a quick start until the connection to the existing system is established or use it as a CRM alternative dedicated to lead management. Powered by SugarCRM


Using the leadtributor, leads are automatically distributed to the most suited sales partner. This is done based on objective criteria, such as regional proximity or product interest. The web-based system provides all process participants access to all relevant information about interested parties.

Whether a call centre, agency, partner account manager or sales partners – all participants are assigned their own view and can work together effectively. Intelligent motivation and escalation mechanisms are deployed to ensure that the leads are processed by the sales partner.

As a result, any feedback is also transparent. Push/pull reporting is created individually for all participants and reflects the relevant KPIs. The leadtributor not only ensures rapid processing of leads to a high standard, but also instantly detects deviations in the lead process so that countermeasures can be taken immediately. Powered by leadtributor

ISO 27001 Certification

SC-Networks was certified by TÜV Hessen according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This allows SC-Networks to now officially demonstrate the safety and quality of its IT systems and business processes to customers and partners.

ISO 27001 Evalanche, the e-mail marketing and lead management software, has been certified by TÜV Süd in the areas of functionality and data security since 2011. Certification according to the internationally leading standard for information security management systems now verifies compliance with the highest security standards throughout the entire company. During the certification audit, the auditors did not register a single deviation for SC-Networks.

Comprehensive Data Protection Features

As a professional provider of e-mail marketing, marketing automation and lead management, data protection is a key concern of the highest importance for SC-Networks – with the objective of always handling data in a consistent, transparent, efficient and above all, legally compliant manner.
The following data protection relevant parameters can be conveniently customised to suit your data protection requirements:

  • collecting and handling proof of consent,
  • tracking and cookie analysis of personal data,
  • handling protocols,
  • storage and deletion of personal data,
  • external service providers.

Container Object

The e-mailing tab “Content” has been restructured and expanded. A new “Settings” tab has been added to the “Visual” and “Content” tabs. Freely definable settings can be made here using containers. Please note that the “Settings” tab is only displayed as a function of certain pricing models and its functionalities are directly influenced by the respective contract model.

Pool Alias

Pool alias can be used to provide a global pool to clients – like is done via target groups, without the data records being displayed or affected by other clients. This simplifies data handling, particularly for more complex client and marketing automation scenarios.

Many Other New Functions and Improvements

With the outstanding highlights and the many new integrated functions, Evalanche V6 consistently extends its innovative lead as one of Europe’s most advanced e-mail marketing automation solutions for lead management.

Here are some other new features:

  • Many new and updated client checks
  • Simplified documentation and debugging thanks to API versioning
  • Major infrastructure improvements
  • New system language Spanish
  • Many optimisations and bug fixes …

Just give it a try