10 reasons in favour of EVALANCHE

1. Low initial costs

Thanks to Application Service Providing (ASP), high start costs for software, hardware and administration do not apply.

2. Flexibility and independence

Irrespective of the space and time, the campaign can be planned, controlled, implemented and analysed from any workstation with Internet access. No installation of software in our company is required.

3. Structured address management

The central data management with automatic comparison of duplicates and support of all conventional confirmation procedures (double, confirmed and single opt-in) ensures the development of a high-quality address database.

4. Very easy handling

A professional newsletter can be created and sent in just a few minutes, based on pre-prepared templates.

EVALANCHE is the result of a fundamentally new way of thinking in e-mail marketing.

Andrew Sanderson

Formerly Director of Global eMarketing at SAP, Managing Director of Ansaco

5. Precise determination of the target group

Detailed options for determining the target group and allocation of profiles as well as an automatic comparison of duplicates minimise wastage.

6. Individual approach

The personalisation and individualisation of all content across all channels ensures ideal dialogue and a maximum response rate.

7. Cross-media newsletter

NNot only the standard HTML newsletter is generated by the system. All the other components required such as text version, newsletter as website, PDF newsletter, PDF newsletter articles, landing pages (article content in web format) and RSS feeds for articles contained in the newsletter are created automatically.

8. Central media administration

An in-house media centre administers all the necessary information and data, starting with images and articles to templates, documents and attachments. This makes it possible to draw up a quick summary of all content for e-marketing activities in a very short space of time.

9. Multi-client capability

The multi-client capability makes it possible to administer any number of stand-alone accounts and cross-client work.

10. Precise performance control

Numerous statistical analyses provide information about the precise customer behaviour and thus facilitate measurable marketing. How frequently and when was the newsletter or the e-mailing opened? How frequently was specific content clicked? This information provides assistance in the targeted approach and in the optimum budget planning.

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