Grand City Hotels and Resorts trust EVALANCHE

The Grand City Hotels and Resorts Group has recently opted for EVALANCHE in 100 hotels in Europe. Since EVALANCHE has been in use, the number of qualified subscribers and the conversion rate has been constantly rising.

The initial situation

The planned goals for 2011 are EUR 250 million in turnover with a GOP of EUR 90 million. Goals that necessitated a new marketing concept.

Improvements with EVALANCHE

balleywasl* agency boss Albert Wasl on the new concept:“EVALANCHE opens up entirely new options for a modern and target-group-oriented marketing. The multi-client capability creates clear structures for the requirements of the headquarters and for the newsletters of individual hotels. Significant improvements are also the important analysis functions and the first-rate performance of the front-end modules with regard to design and content. Meaningful reports from the opening analysis to geotracking facilitate a constant optimisation process.”


Since EVALANCHE has been in use, the number of qualified subscribers and the conversion rate has been constantly growing. Grand City Hotels and Resources puts its trust in an application developed by SC-Networks which facilitates consolidated database management for the lead generation and address maintenance. Subscribers for news on corporate activities and hotel promotions can be acquired via integrated forms, in compliance with data protection regulations, and for more than 100 hotels in Europe at the same time. Grand City Hotels and Resorts focuses clearly on sales promotion. balleywasl* has designed a host of different article templates for newsletters for this purpose that are primarily used as offer teasers. This is supplemented by news on hotel openings at new locations and offers for certain target groups. Individual hotels primarily opt for local and regional promotions for the food and drink areas and for meetings and conferences. Although there are diverse hotel groups in the Grand City Group, balleywasl* has succeeded in developing a template master that can be deployed by all. The editors control the appearance simply by specified colour selections and header images and fill the newsletter with news articles very simply with just a few clicks via a visual editor.

About Grand City Hotels and Resorts

Grand City Hotels and Resorts with its registered office in Berlin offers hotels of a very high standard ─ both under its own brand and under the brands of franchise partners such as Accor, Rezidor, IHG or Best Western. All with their own management in an operating company.

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