What we do for your success as an EVALANCHE partner?

Our partner programme is principally designed to achieve a clear division of responsibilities, our role being to concentrate exclusively on further development of EVALANCHE and software support while actively helping you acquire customers. You are responsible for full project implementation and customer support. A high-quality software-as-a-service infrastructure optimally utilised by marketing professionals creates a perfect synergy for your customers.

Free-of-charge for your own use

We grant you free-of-charge usage for your company’s own e-mail marketing –without limitations. This allows you to actively boost sales activity without additional cost.

Forwarding of customer inquiries

We forward inquiries we receive from prospective agency customers directly to suitable partners in the region. We do not compete with you; instead, we support you behind the scenes as your technology partner.

Extensive marketing support

We provide always up-to-date information on trends, tips and tricks, checklists, presentations, videos, brochures and model contracts on all aspects of e-mail marketing and EVALANCHE for supporting your sales team.

Training and certification

Our certification programme allows you to stand out among other agencies as EVALANCHE partners or premium partners, and yields a host of benefits.

Comprehensive support

  • Professional user support (second-level)
  • Problem resolution within 4 hours
  • Emergency coverage and quality assurance
  • “Training on the job” – training courses for users and developers

Flexibility and additional turnover potential

  • You, not your customer, are our contract partner
  • The set-up fee for customers/clients goes to you
  • Integrated model scenarios for your customers
  • No minimum contract term