Bavarian delicacies flying into shopping carts

Schmankerlkö – Bavarian gift baskets for special occasions
Everybody knows the problem of having to quickly find a suitable gift for someone. The internet is just the place to look in those situations. It is important however that the gift can be selected quickly and conveniently. Schmankerlkörbe.DE is employing a cutting-edge system architecture that unites the strengths of content management, online shops and e-mail marketing within a single effective marketing and distribution platform.

Bavarian delicacies on the internet
This project is designed to open up regional distribution of Bavarian specialities and creative gift baskets to a broader market. After testing a number of standalone solutions, the decision was made to go with an all-in-one web business architecture integrating the modules of online shops, a content management system (CMS) and e-mail marketing. All three of these components are easy to use via browser, without any knowledge of programming. User rights, product and customer data are managed within a centralised system.

Online dialogue with customers
Communication with Schmankerlkö customers is conducted primarily through the website, which offers address forms for ordering, newsletter subscription, a call-back service and prize giveaway entries. The website contents are kept up to date via CMS, both intuitively and via browser over a secure administration interface. The same CMS is used for creating newsletters, for which there are numerous templates designed and provided by the software vendor. Text and HTML versions of the newsletter are generated automatically.

Central data storage for online shop and e-mail newsletter
Customer orders and addresses for the newsletters are managed in a centralised database. No consolidation work is required for this, unlike when using software components from different vendors where data management is decentralised. The system recognises redundant records at the source and reconciles them. This technology eliminates the need to import data from different sources, and the associated consolidation.

Ordering data entered by customers is structured to allow further computerised use. Invoices and shipping label are automatically generated in PDF format, and the system automatically notifies customers at every step in the ordering process, of the scheduled delivery date for example. And that is especially important for gift baskets.

The newsletter is the ultimate salesman
The e-mail marketing module notify customers of the latest and seasonally changing offers, in accordance with permission marketing rules of course. In addition to the usual link tracking for monitoring campaign success, the software solution deployed also provides direct ordering options for special offers in the shop. Already after the first campaigns the newsletter becomes the main promoter for aggressively marketing Schmankerl basket products.

The cost of implementing an in-house solution was roughly estimated prior to making the decision to invest in this one. Depending on the products and system size involved, hardware and software licenses require an upfront investment well into the five-figure range. And that does not included website redesign, newsletter templates or in-house operating costs. The ASP solution chosen offers potential savings of about 65% versus the upfront investment described above, and includes complete website redesign and newsletter templates.

Success factor: one-click shopping
Convenient order placement for Schmankerl customers in the internet shop was a key success factor for the project. Regular customers enter their e-mail address and password to place orders (‘one-click shopping’). Order and address data are securely stored in a centralised database where they are openly accessible for further automated processing in marketing situations. One great feature is the ability to personalise web pages to allow potential shoppers navigating to the shop page from a web newsletter to only have to click ‘order’. All data required for transacting payment is taken from the customer profile.

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