FORWARD Communications is sending Nitro Snowboards sliding toward success with EVALANCHE newsletter software

“We are not solely responsible for the success of Nitro Snowboards, obviously. But the electronic marketing we conducted using EVALANCHE has certainly contributed.”
FORWARD Communications
Thomas Federkiel, managing director

FORWARD Communications

FORWARD Communications specialises in digital communications for young, vibrant and trendy industries and markets. FORWARD has been conducting targeted B-to-B and B-to-C e-mail marketing in the sports industry for nearly four years now. FORWARD is a full-service e-mail marketing provider that assists businesses with everything from developing campaign ideas and concepts on down to selecting suitable technical service partners and project management.


Mr. Federkiel, what tasks were you charged with when you first started working with Nitro Snowboards?

We started working with Nitro Snowboards in 2005 creating a qualified dialogue marketing database for generating dynamic profiles by drawing upon several tens of thousands of static address and profile records. The addresses derived from an array of different campaigns and partnerships in which warranty certificates, prize giveaway entries, test certificates etc. had been employed. The master database created in this fashion was then to be automatically fed from a variety of sources, containing such statistical parameters as age, shoe size, hobbies, media consumption habits etc.

In what manner was EVALANCHE utilized with this?

The entire database is based on EVALANCHE technology; the extensive body of data is kept up-to-date at all times through the use of EVALANCHE.

Did you utilise the data gathered and entered for other purposes as well?

Yes, in the 2005/2006 winter season we took over development, management and implementation of a regularly published newsletter for Nitro that keeps registered subscribers informed about events, Nitro team drivers, products and lots more. This allowed us to establish Nitro’s image as a trendy and high-quality technical brand in digital media.
To bind the core target group more effectively to the brand we also launched the Nitro Internet Community. The community concept has the positive side effect of increasing members’ willingness to share personal information.

What were the advantages of using EVALANCHE in these campaigns?

EVALANCHE makes it easy to rapidly produce professional newsletters without requiring any programming skills. The Internet Community runs entirely on EVALANCHE technology, and the extensive EVALANCHE reporting capabilities allow generating solid market research reports at no cost, drawing upon the user data gathered. This makes it possible to optimally tailor offline campaigns, media planning and events to the target group, creating tremendous cost savings. The various newsletters and online campaigns were so successful overall that an average 1,000 new addresses per month were obtained, growing the database to include around 120,000 addresses.

Mr. Federkiel, how Nitro Snowboards’ e-mail marketing be conducted in future, and what role will EVALANCHE be playing in it?

In the 2006/2007 winter season we further optimised the activities started last year. The community concept was expanded and “Nitro Family Member” launched. Extensive partnerships with ski resorts, snow parks and internet portals will be helping attract prospective customers and enhance brand loyalty via the newsletter. Internet sites using viral marketing will reach more consumers as side events to major snowboarding competitions. Records are generated for all newly acquired addresses via EVALANCHE forms and subsequently evaluated. Nitro Snowboards has now established itself in Germany as the market leader for snowboarding. But our plans extend even further of course, as in the 2007/2008 winter season we intend to publish an “exclusive” Family Member Newsletter in addition to the main monthly newsletter. In addition, a special Info Newsletter will provide fast and targeted info on events, victories by Nitro team drivers and other important industry news. EVALANCHE technology will obviously be utilised with these too of course.

So you could say that EVALANCHE has got you snowboarding your way to success ……

EVALANCHE has proven outstandingly effective in our campaigns for Nitro; it is very well organised, has a lot of useful features and works very reliably. The accommodating, uncomplicated and fast handling of problems and support requests is worth particular mention. We are not solely responsible for the success of Nitro Snowboards, obviously. But the electronic marketing we conducted using EVALANCHE has certainly contributed.

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