brandnamic offers its customers successful branding through well-targeted e-mail marketing with EVALANCHE

“The successes achieved already with EVALANCHE V3 are phenomenal and make us very optimistic for the future.”

Hannes Gasser
Executive Director, brandnamic


Mr Gasser, tell us why you were seeking a new direct marketing solution?

We originally processed e-mailings with Outlook but were constantly running into delivery problems. For this reason, we decided to manage e-mailings with an external provider. But this meant we had to export our addresses to the provider each time we wanted to perform an e-mailing. This arrangement didn’t allow for customisation either, nor could we obtain any statistical evaluations for the mailing campaign. The situation was very unsatisfying since we absolutely required a dependable, powerful software solution for our “virtual” consulting approach for address capitalisation, which makes the address the focal point of the entire marketing action.

Why did you ultimately opt for EVALANCHE?

The focal point of our consulting is address capitalization, or, in other words, use of each uniquely obtained address should be optimised. This requires outstanding, target group-specific management and maintenance of address data. Only in this way can newsletters be sent in a highly targeted and personalised way and scattered losses reduced. EVALANCHE V3 has given us a software solution that meets all of these needs and that finally allows us to realise efficient e-mail marketing.

How is EVALANCHE used in your company and what benefits does this solution have to offer you?

We not only use the software to send newsletters in a convenient way; EVALANCE V3 works as an all-encompassing, closed-loop marketing instrument, beginning with the target group-specific address generation, all the way to the integrated news site via RSS feeds. The key advantages of EVALANCHE for us are the target group-specific address generation, personalisation and customisation as an important tool for customer retention, PDF generation, the RSS feed, reporting and tracking. Using the software is simple and requires no special knowledge at all. A visual adaptation of the EVALANCHE technology to the layout of the respective company homepage is possible too.

Mr Gasser, what conclusions have you been able to draw after introducing EVALANCHE, and what are your expectations and goals for the years to come?

We have continued to expand our market position with the help of EVALANCHE V3. We are now able to offer our customers a unique package consisting of an ideal software solution and our agency’s expertise. Above all, EVALANCHE offers us the option to respond individually to the greatly varying requests and needs of our customers. “The successes achieved already with V3 are phenomenal and make us very optimistic about the future.” We firmly believe that we will expand our customer portfolio by using EVALANCHE V3.

About brandnamic

brandnamic develops highly customised tools for branding for each of its customers. The branding approach places the customer in the foreground and shapes companies into true brands. This secures the company’s position in the market and ensures healthy growth. As a consulting and design company for branding, brandnamic is the only provider in Southern Tirol that offers customers a complete toolbox for the public image as well as company-internal presentation, with which turnover and profit can be increased sustainably. The brandnamic team is currently made up of 20 employees. The company is owned by Hannes Gasser, Michael Oberhofer and Matthias Prader; Hannes Gasser is Executive Director.

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