EVALANCHE V5 Highlights
EVALANCHE V5 – For Improved Lead Management. One of the most advanced e-mail marketing automation technologies made in Germany.
The new version of EVALANCHE V5 combines a modern interface experience with a variety of effective marketing automation functionalities for improved lead management – made in Germany. Premium e-mail marketing is now complemented with powerful automation, scoring, and reporting techniques in order to generate qualify, validate and evaluate higher quality leads.

Campaign Designer

Campaign Designer


Creating multistage, linked and interlinked campaigns is an effective but not-to-be-underestimated challenge. All the better, if the different processes can be easily modelled in a visual working environment via drag and drop, without losing sight of the big picture. The EVALANCHE Campaign Designer combines business process management methodologies with the flexibility of EVALANCHE object configurations related to a recipient profile. This allows the creation of integrated sequences and at the same time very easy mapping of profile logics such as the content-based individualisation of a mailing in a single process.

Wait no longer to arrange a personal presentation date for the beta launch in November.

Lead Scoring


Multivariant Scoring

An essential component of comprehensive lead management is the rating of leads, so-called lead scoring. EVALANCHE now supports you with all the common explicit and implicit lead scoring information such as profile scoring, activity scoring and content scoring, including the entire lead management process through to the mapping of lead classification data. If necessary, you can also flexibly and conveniently connect external systems via the web service to collect scoring information.

Profile, Activity & Content Scoring

Profile scoring: Profile scoring allows you rate the quality of leads based on profile features such as the position in the company or industry affiliation. You can use the explicit profile information for evaluation or use profile scoring to represent buyer persona models.

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BANT is a traditional lead scoring method. The acronym stands for:

– Budget
– Authority
– Need
– Timeline for purchase

Prospective clients must therefore dispose of a budget in order to buy something from you; they must have the authority to decide; their company must have a need for the product concerned; and there should be a date by which the purchase must be completed. If any one of these four criteria is not met, the prospective client is not an interesting lead.

Activity & content scoring: Activity and content scoring is used to validate the behaviour of your leads based on their click behaviour and time spent within the communication. Registration forms and downloads are integrated just as seamlessly in the process.

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Although the BANT methodology is very useful in principle, it should be complemented with activity and content scoring. After all, today many interesting leads already look for information before they even have a budget or have even determined at what point in time they want to buy. Companies prepare major decisions, in particular, by downloading white papers, comparing sites or visiting webinars.

The aspects of lead scoring that involve the behaviour of leads are thus of greater importance for marketing on the Internet:

- How often does the lead visit your website?
– Which white papers, data sheets, etc., has he downloaded/requested?
– Which links has he clicked in the newsletter or on the website?
– Has he participated in webinars or chats or asked for a return call?

Important: It is important to use this information to derive how interesting the lead is and at what stage of the buying process he is.

This only works if you compile these characteristics over a long period and then correlate them with who has made what amount of transactions over what period of time.

Multivariant scoring: For all scoring variants, you can keep any number of scoring categories at the same time, in order to compare different concepts, for example. Thanks to the given presets, you can already compile your first scoring after only a few minutes.

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Two types of activity scoring are generally used in practice: either content scoring or scoring on the basis of a profile’s customer journey – that is, the scoring of the activities that led to the goal. Which method works better depends on various factors. Multivariate scoring allows you to make a direct comparison and helps you find the ideal scoring method for the respective use case.


WebTouchPoints - Website Lead Scoring

Website Lead Scoring with WebTouchPoints

You can also extend the lead scoring over any number of web pages and equip it with individual scoring values. To do so, you integrate the respective websites almost fully automatically and with just a few clicks. In addition, EVALANCHE takes into account the time spent on each website and can assign individual scoring values.

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If the TouchPoints are placed on key landing pages on the website, such as prices, products, services, references, blog, etc., they can help you build a comprehensive user engagement profile. You can also use this to derive the paths that ultimately led to an interaction and to find out even more about the habits of your “buyer personas”.

Mobile Live View (Beta)



For your mobile devices, we offer optimised live statistics that inform you – almost in real time – on the current status of your campaigns. Our live cockpit provides you with both an overview and detailed KPI information on your campaigns at any time, if needed. The “Activity view” display shows you a live version of your recipient’s scoring assessment.

A first beta version of the future cockpit is offered via the EVALANCHE login.

Lead App for iOS and Android



The new EVALANCHE lead app allows you to configure your own branded lead collection forms, e.g. for exhibitions, within minutes, and to create them as an app for iOS and Android. The app includes customised data collection processes as well as OCR recognition for business cards, so you can capture your leads quickly and reliably via mobile phones or, e.g. trade fair terminals in the form of competitions. The lead app is linked directly with an EVALANCHE data pool. The mapping of the form fields can thus be customised “on demand”, collected data can – if desired – be immediately transferred and various communication routes can be directly triggered and started.

The entry-level version for up to 15 leads is available free of charge for all EVALANCHE users.

Smart Profiling

Profiling - Content Profiling & Profile Tagging

Content profiling und profile tagging

In order to capture the information and reading habits of, for example, newsletter recipients even better, the configuration options have been expanded. The settings can now be changed directly from the articles and news modules managed in EVALANCHE. Freely definable properties or attributes from the EVALANCHE data pool can be selected and assigned by click from now on. By opening or clicking on the article, the recipient profile is then automatically extended accordingly.

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You can use these updated profile features to ideally complement the interest profile of your target groups based on user behaviour or, using targeted content management, explicitly assign the profile to a defined buyer persona in the course of his buyer journey.

Progressive Profiling for Landing Pages

To optimise the profile structure, input fields can be displayed dynamically on landing pages, depending on existing data. This means that you only allow the display of form fields that have not been completed yet. This ensures that prospective clients are only asked for information that has not yet been provided, significantly increasing your conversion rate.

Progressive Profiling

Website and Ad Personalisation with Realtime Decisioning

Co-production with the UDG United Digital Group

So-called SmartLinks make decisions in real-time to send your users individual link targets based on their profile. These can be media such as pictures, videos or audio, and downloads or entire areas of content on websites such as landing pages or banner ads. Using the simplest means, you can thus personalise websites, among other things, or control banners for effective and directed retargeting, without having to undertake the normally necessary and costly interventions in template systems. SmartLinks are an ideal targeting addition to any web CMS.

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SmartLinks also have the property of being able to enrich profiles, depending on which attribute from the EVALANCHE data pool was stored. The new scoring functionality is also supported.

SmartLinks - Website and Ad Personalisation with Realtime Decisioning

Scalable Mobile eMail Templates

Full HTML5Our revised pilot environment is available free of charge to all customers and partners for testing, training, presentations and pitches etc. We also optimised our cross-media template for the mobile display in the process, including the corresponding landing page. The layout thus adapts to the display resolution of the respective user device and the contents shown have the desired visual effect. All premium functions such as text-to-speech, RSS, audio, PDF etc. are available just as before.

Drag&Drop Form Generator

Web forms can now be created and edited intuitively and super quickly using drag and drop. Even the usual flexibility in terms of the field configurations, linking and interlinking logics, individual skins or themes etc. are provided.

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For users who want to continue working with their accustomed view or editor, the “classic view” is still available.

Form Drag & Drop

Heat Maps

Heatmaps for Lead Generation

EVALANCHE has integrated the new and advanced card technology from Nokia as a heat map view, allowing you to identify geographical groupings even more easily. The maps can be found at various points in the system, for example in the cockpit, the target groups and reporting.

Usage is according to tariff.

Enterprise Interactive Dashboards

Enterprise Interactive Dashboards


The Enterprise Interactive Dashboard from EVALANCHE is a powerful marketing & sales performance dashboard that allows you to link EVALANCHE reporting data with third party systems such as CRM, ERP, financial accounting systems, etc. Based on a wide variety of parameters, you can perform real-time analyses all the way down to the profile level. You are thus able to render the value added of the marketing efforts measurable.

Feel free to arrange an appointment for a web demo with us.

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The Enterprise Dashboard will be available in various versions. A “light” entry-level version, an enterprise version for advanced customers and fully custom-tailored version. Prices are available on request.

The Enterprise Interactive Dashboard lets you visualise the entire revenue performance management process, which means that you can see the performance of all your marketing channels in relation to the sales success – everything at a glance.

API & Sync

Reporting API

Reporting API

A new additional API allows you to export all significant tracking, statistics and profile data in raw form for your own individual evaluation, e.g. as extensive marketing & sales performance dashboards or individual KPI representations. You can have profile, scoring and tracking data from mailings and forms/landing pages exported in real time as XML, JSON or CSV formats. Use of this function is linked to a specific tariff.

Closed Loop API

Closed Loop API

You can now control the entire e-mail marketing cycle continuously via the API – starting with profile synchronisation with almost all popular CRM and shop systems, to content management, information design and campaign configuration through to shipping and its evaluation. The details of the API functions are available in the web service SOAP documentation.

CRM, Shop, CMS Integration & More

Evalanche Integration Suite powered by Taskcentre

A very powerful alternative to our connectors is provided by our new middleware solution: EVALANCHE Integration Suite. It allows you to use drag and drop to simply, intuitively and quickly set up complex synchronisation scenarios between CRM, ERP, CMS, eCommerce and other 3rd party systems. Whether you prefer establishing a connection to SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, CAS, Saleslogix or sage CRM, the solution’s flexibility leaves no wish unfulfilled.

For any questions you may have about the product and the commercial use of EVALANCHE Integration Suite, please contact your sales representative.


Cross-Media Campaigns Using Contentserv PIM Connector

Evalanche and Contentserv are combined into one platform, allowing content to be centrally managed, processed, localised in multiple languages and consistently distributed in a variety of communication channels such as email campaigns, print mailings, websites and shops. Depending on requirements and capacity, new channels can be added. Cross-media campaigns can be efficiently coordinated via the central platform and relevant follow-up actions initiated in each channel for specific prospective clients via appropriate feedback channels.

CRM & Shop Connectors

Updates and optimisations
Thanks to our numerous development partners, you can choose from a wide range of new and enhanced CRM and Shop connectors. The following interfaces have been recently added:

  • SAP CRM Advanced
  • Salesforce Advanced
  • update7 Advanced
  • MS Dynamics CRM 2013
  • SugarCRM 6.x and 7.x
  • Magento
  • Oxid
  • Grutzek Software: AG-VIP SQL
  • Contentserv
  • Consol CRM
  • Taskcentre
  • Sage
  • saleslogixx

Many Other New Functions and Improvements

With the outstanding highlights and the many new integrated functions, EVALANCHE V5 consistently extends its innovative lead as one of Europe’s most advanced e-mail marketing automation solutions for lead management.

Here are some other new features:

  • Text analysis without barriers according to BITV 2.0
  • New client checks for the latest iPhone and Android versions
  • Shipping quantity limits for campaigns
  • Import of ZIP data to map entire folder and file structures
  • Cover flow for creating new e-mailings
  • Many optimisations and bug fixes …

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