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Seamlessly integrating a marketing automation solution like Evalanche not only with partner apps but also with other third-party systems is important in order to automatically synchronise a wide variety of data from different sources, keep it up to date at all times and create a consistent database.

Our powerful connectors, which we have developed together with strategic partners based on a highly flexible API, allow systems to be reliably linked and data to be securely exchanged.

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CRM connectors

CRM connectors

With our CRM connectors, you can turn your CRM system into a “single source of truth”. From there, customer-relevant information flows automatically into Evalanche. It is also possible to synchronise master and behavioural data bidirectionally, choose between different synchronisation modes and track the dispatch history of mailings and newsletters.

We offer connectors to the following CRM systems:

Aurea CRM
cobra CRM
ConSol CM
Marini Hub Engine (Middleware)
Infor CRM

itmX crm Suite
Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
Sage CRM
Salesforce Customer 360
SAP Sales Cloud
SAP Customer Data Platform
Sugar CRM

CMS connectors

CMS connectors

Thanks to the Evalanche CMS connectors, you can import content from various content management systems and from web-based sources that provide content as XML files into Evalanche. You can also transfer address data from CMS forms to an Evalanche form for centralised data entry (and vice versa). Our API supports the automated synchronisation of content and profile data.

We offer connectors to the following content management systems:


Marini Hub Engine (Middleware)

PIM and MAM connectors

PIM and MAM connectors

Our connectors allow you to transfer multimedia content from your PIM and MAM solutions unidirectionally and fully automatically to Evalanche's marketing automation and lead management systems - from product information and articles to images and videos. Real-time synchronisation of customer data and forms is also possible.

We offer connectors to the following PIM and MAM systems:


Marini Hub Engine (Middleware)

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E-commerce connectors

E-commerce connectors

With the e-commerce connectors, you can link Evalanche e-mail marketing with your shop system. This allows you to synchronise newsletter subscribers and content unidirectionally, link customers and newsletter subscribers and manage them in a legally compliant manner. You can also communicate with your customers in a personalised way, track campaigns and enrich profiles.

We offer connectors to the following e-commerce systems:

Adobe Commerce
Marini Hub Engine (Middleware)
OXID eShop

SAP CX Cloud

Analytics connectors

Analytics connectors

Thanks to our analytics connectors, reporting, statistics and campaign data are available to you unidirectionally synchronised in your Evalanche dashboard. This allows you to monitor the success of your campaigns based on key figures such as delivery rate, open rate, click rate, conversion rate and unsubscribe rate and to optimise individual measures in a targeted manner.

We offer connectors to the following analytics systems:

Google Analytics
Marini Hub Engine (Middleware)

Marini Hub Engine (Middleware)

Middleware integration

Middleware integration

Middleware is an application for logical and automated data synchronisation and consolidation between different systems. What distinguishes middleware from conventional applications and standardised connectors is above all its flexibility and individual adaptability - right up to a comprehensive 360° customer data platform.

We offer integration via the following middleware:

Marini Hub Engine

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