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Evalanche APIs and interfaces for reliable data flow

We believe that specialisation is better than generalisation. That's why we rely on a strong IT ecosystem that includes leading software providers from related disciplines. Thanks to preconfigured interfaces, standardised connectors and middleware solutions, Evalanche can be seamlessly linked with relevant third-party systems.

This not only ensures smooth data flows, but also allows you to scale your marketing automation solution into a 360-degree customer data platform if required. We also offer you the integration of partner apps from our ecosystem.

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Evalanche SOAP API


The SOAP API is our primary interface with read and write access. Objects such as articles, templates, containers, files, forms, images, mailings, pools, reports and target groups can be processed via the SOAP API. Because the SOAP protocol is language-independent, servers and clients can be implemented in any language such as Java, Perl, Python, PHP and Ruby. As the functional scope of this interface is based on the features of the respective system, remote control of the system is possible to a limited extent.

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Evalanche Reporting API

Reporting API

The Reporting API allows you to integrate statistical, tracking and scoring data into business intelligence solutions and dashboards, for example, in order to evaluate and visualise them there. Supported output languages are English, German, Italian and French. Authentication takes place via HTTP Basic Auth, access to the Reporting API is only possible via HTTPS. Table-specific rights further increase security. A request for the Reporting API is made via the login domain. It depends on the instance on which your account is located.

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Evalanche SmartForms API

SmartForms API

The SmartForms API allows Evalanche forms to be integrated into websites easily and with maximum flexibility. The form configuration is retrieved, displayed, data validated and transferred to Evalanche using JavaScript. The form configuration can be conveniently carried out directly in Evalanche. A website can use the interface to obtain the form and field configuration of any Evalanche form via JavaScript. This can then be used to generate a customised form display adapted to the website.

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Evalanche PHP API

PHP connector

There are two PHP connectors: for the Evalanche SOAP API and the Evalanche Reporting API. Both PHP connectors simplify the implementation of the respective interface and offer a standardised set of methods.

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