Accompanying information on the SWR programme now via EVALANCHE

The SWR offers accompanying information on more than 20 topics and programmes on the Internet under The users can select the offers that are interesting for them and subscribe to the newsletter free of charge, indicating their e-mail address.

Newsletter examples for the  television offer:

  • Countries, people, adventures
  • Newsletter about the Odysso programme

Newsletter examples for the  radio program :

  • SWR1 :Hit parade and guests list
  • SWR2: Cultural offering on 15 different topics
  • e.g. Orchestra and Ensembles O&E

The project team of the SWR was won over by the entire EVALANCHE functional offering.The goal of this decision is to make communication with the television and radio audiences via e-mail even easier and more diverse in the future.

EVALANCHE was convincing thanks to its multi-client capability with a clear separation of the different user groups and topics at the SWR:The SWR can now design, send out and qualify high-quality cross-media newsletters efficiently and without any programming effort.

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